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Laura Wilson
Laura WilsonNatural Health Nutritionist, Speaker & Hay House Author of 'The Alkaline 5 Diet'
Hi! I’m Laura Wilson. I am a Nutritionist, Hay House author of the acclaimed book ‘The Alkaline 5 Diet’ and speaker. I can help you if you’re looking to lose weight and keep it off, heal your body, and have more energy throughout the day for your work, family and everyday activities. I went from unfit, unhealthy smoker in my 20’s to lean, fit ultra-marathon runner in my late 30’s and have never felt better. I have been helping many thousands of people all over the world to improve their body and diet since 2007.

My sore tongue acid reflux healed within 4 weeks

“Laura coached me 1-1 for 8 weeks and within 4 weeks my acid sore tongue condition, that the doctor told me I would have for as long as 10 years, has completely gone! I am so thankful to be out of pain and discomfort and for Laura’s kind, caring approach in helping me. I recommend you speak to her if you have any heath issues.” Betty Pooley – London, UK

No more Type 2 Diabetes!

“I discovered Laura Wilson and her story was very inspiring to me and the science in her approach made sense. I had Type 2 Diabetes and also acid reflux. I knew my body was too acidic and I popped antacids down like candy. I took Laura’s coaching to get some help. Three months later, after having another blood test, my doctor called. I squealed with joy on the telephone as she read me the results of my HBA1C test. I had gone from a 7.1 to 4.9! No more Type 2 Diabetes! Thanks Laura!” Anna Soranno – Switzerland

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