4 Huge Benefits of Green Smoothies

4 Huge Benefits of Green Smoothies 2017-06-23T09:48:24+00:00

In the last article about green smoothies, we looked at what they are and some of the benefits. Let’s look into a little more detail here, since green smoothies are a fabulous way to get your alkaline nutrients in one easy, fast food, delicious meal.

Huge benefit number 1: Green smoothies are very easy to make. If you have a blender available at home, you just throw all in the ingredients you need and then blend them all up – all done in 5 minutes or less. You can buy portable smoothie makers that blend all the ingredients in a convenient travel mug and come with seal-tight lids, so you can take your smoothie with you to enjoy later or on your commute to work. I use a Kenwood Smoothie2Go and there’s also the Nutribullet, which is very good too.

Huge benefit number 2: Did you know that smoothies are way healthier than your average vegetable or fruit juices? Yep, since smoothies are composed of the whole fruit or vegetable, unlike juices that are extracted and the fiber is taken out. Plus, commercial juices are heated and pasteurized, refining them further and losing much of the nutrients and beneficial enzymes. So there’s a vast difference between shop-bought juices and home-made smoothies.

Huge benefit number 3: Smoothies are very good alternatives to eating your whole, raw veggies that many people are not in favor of. Personally, I like to eat a bag of raw vegetables every day, but I realise I’m in a very small minority of people! The trick here is, you can blend you’re not so favorite veggie with a fruit you like and It will just settle in and the overall taste will be sweet, like the fruit. So you won’t even notice that you’re drinking the vegetables that you’ve sneaked in. This works wonderfully for getting kids to eat raw vegetables!

Huge benefit number 4: Last but not the least, this healthy drink is customizable. You have the flexibility of creating your own recipes and picking whatever vegetable and fruit combination you like. You can experiment all you want and try different combos…One of my running friends Mike took this to an extreme by adding mushrooms to his pineapple and spinach smoothie! I wouldn’t advise this but whatever floats your boat hey!

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