6 Tips That Make Being A Vegan Easy


I meet and speak to a LOT of people who say they’d like to try veganism or turn fully vegan but they think that it’ll be just too difficult. Few people are convinced that being vegan is an easy switch to make. Obviously, it’s a decision to give some thought to and would be a significant decision to make but it really would greatly affect your lifestyle in a much healthier way. Here are some useful tips that will definitely help you on making that switch.

1. Don’t Make Assumptions

Almost everyone does this. Most people think that getting into the vegan lifestyle is hard, that every vegan is an extreme animal rights activist, and have the idea that vegans rarely wash and dress like 70’s hippies All these false assumptions keep adding up and causing resistance to the idea of veganism if a person has no desire to learn the real truth behind veganism and its many profound benefits. Quick tip: Just let go of all your negative and pre-held assumptions. Have the positivity and open-mindedness to learn the true meaning, benefits and ease of going vegan.

2. Educate yourself

Do some reading and researching on veganism on a deeper level in order to understand the benefits. This will make you decision-making process a lot easier. With smoking for example, once you know its bad effects, you’d be very unlikely to start smoking right? It’s actually the same when it comes to meat and dairy. After you fully understand the harm that it can bring you, you’ll want to stop eating meat and dairy and change to a vegan diet instead.

Check out these videos from Dr Neal Barnard and Dr John McDougall. They talk about the benefits of a fully vegan diet. I hope this helps you out:

Dr Neal Barnard: Click Here (YouTube)
Dr John McDougall: Click Here (YouTube)

3. Replace Dairy Milk with Coconut Milk

This is the easiest tip. Simply replace your usual dairy milk with coconut milk. It’s an easy switch as you can see. In the UK, I used the brand “Koco”, it’s the best one out there. The one I’m recommending is the coconut milk placed in cartons, not in cans. It’s much lower in fat and calories, it even has a creamy taste just like your regular dairy milk, and it doesn’t taste too much of coconut. Plus it’s packed with vitamins and a lot more nutrients. You can try it in your porridges and teas, it’s absolutely fine.

4. Give up One Animal per Month

There are 5 main types of meat; these are pork, beef, chicken, lamb and fish. Try giving up one meat type per month. At the end of the 5th month you’ll have given up meat completely and it won’t have been a big change but a series of small changes. By this method, you’ll slowly but surely adapt to the vegan lifestyle quite effortlessly.

5. Drink Smoothies Everyday

The next tip is a fun one: Incorporate green smoothies everyday into your diet. I’m a big believer in Jason Vale’s doctrine which is “Don’t try to eliminate all the bad stuff, add in the good stuff which will crowd out the bad stuff.” So let’s say you make a smoothie comprising 5 bananas and a handful of kale, you’ll be getting 500 calories, which is good, since the biggest struggle people have on a vegan diet is getting enough calories. Not only that all you’ll be receiving a ton of nutrients from the raw bananas and kale. The beauty is that if you’re getting the nutrients in, your body will not crave for more food all throughout the day. Unlike junk foods or processed foods which contains no nutrients at all and make you crave more food.

6.Eat Dates

Eat dates and you’ll have no problem. Healthy delicious dates that can go with almost everything.This healthy staple is a good source of vitamins and minerals for your body, not only that it’s also a good source for energy and curbs your sweet tooth too. Try exploring different types of dates but make sure they have no glycerol or any preservatives in them.

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