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How Alkaline Diet Health Tips Can Help You

Since 2008, I have helped hundreds of thousands of people worldwide to learn about what the alkaline diet is and the many benefits of it.

The beauty of this site is that you get the learnings I have got from doing LOTS of experiments on myself over the years – I’ve tried high fat, low fat, high protein, low protein, high carb, low carb, raw vegan, cooked vegan, juice diet, 7-day water fast for detox (boy, that was tough!)…you get the picture.

Plus, I pass on the results of thousands of other people around the world.

This can save you massive amounts of time, money and energy in making all the mistakes yourself on the path to finding the optimum diet, not to mention saves your health in going down the wrong path – like the Atkins or Paleo or Dukan or 5:2 or Weight Watchers diets.

So I have refined this diet into the best eating regime for LONG TERM SUSTAINABILITY and good health, unlike many other diets and even other alkaline diet experts, who still advocate things like soya (genetically modified) and olive oil (makes you feel sluggish, especially if not combined with other foods properly).

My diet is called The Alkaline 5 Diet and it is truly the simplest, most satisfying, most energising and most healing way of eating that I have ever experienced and have been on and stuck to and it’s backed up by LOTS of doctors who’ve used this approach to heal their patients of serious diseases 100% naturally. Like Dr Neal Barnard and Dr John McDougall.

On this site, you’ll find lots of free information in the way of articles and blog posts and videos and also more in-depth paid resources, products, coaching and recipe books. Here’s some of what you can get from this site:

Other People’s results on The Alkaline Balance Diet

I have built a subscriber and client community of over 15,000 people and get regular feedback from people all over the world to say that since they’ve included more alkaline foods and drinks into their diet and cut back on the acidic ones, they have had amazing benefits.

I’ve had e-mails which have pretty much left me gobsmacked: People who’ve had diabetes for 20 years have come off their drugs and insulin. Stage 4 cancer sufferers, gone into remission.

Acid reflux, gone. Irritable bowel syndrome, gone. Heart disease, gone. Arthritic pain, gone. Even grey hair, turned back to brown and couples infertile for years able to conceive 🙂

Then there’s people who say they look and feel much younger and have more energy, like some friends at the salsa dance parties I go to and at my gym and old work colleagues.

And then there’s my Dad: A smoker for 40 odd years, who ate the standard western diet for pretty much all his life and always enjoyed a beef burger and chicken pies, as well as 6 or more cups of coffee a day.

Well he’s been a truly amazing success story! He’s almost 70 years old and has completely turned his diet around over the past 10 years.

He’s now a non-smoker, fit and healthy and loves eating on the alkaline diet. He tells me that for a while when he used to allow himself the occasional beef burger, he would immediately feel terrible after and it was a sure sign that it’s not what we’re meant to be eating.

He thrives on green smoothies and big vegetable soups and loves it!

I am so glad I have been able to have a positive impact on not only the people directly around me but also people looking for the answers to good health all over the world.

If I can in any small or large way help you to get on and stay on the path to abundant health and live disease and pain-free, then I have done my job and I am delighted to help you on this journey.

I love working with and interviewing other experts in the field of natural health too. I have gained so much wisdom from them that I’m able to share through this site and the health events that I hold called The Natural Health & Vitality Conference in Devon, UK.

My Results on This Diet

The alkaline diet has 100% changed my life for the better. Here are some of the benefits that I have experienced and that are quite common in this lifestyle:

I am 34 as I write this, I am super fit and healthy and feel wonderful. I have the energy to walk around 5 miles per day to my office that I hire and to my gym and back. This is typical.

I train at the gym 6 days per week – cycling, rowing, doing weights, dancing, aerobics. I run long distances – at the moment I’m training for an ultra-marathon, which is 33 miles across the moors. I ran 2 marathons within the past few months and I ran 27 miles a couple of weeks ago.

It felt EFFORTLESS. Honestly. I never thought I’d say that but it was. Sure, I was tired, but I was in the gym again two days later, recovering well and not aching too bad.

I have the energy to run my own business and hold events and speak on stage to large audiences. I have written three books so far and have the mental clarity to do this.

I regularly salsa dance, I was lead singer in a band for 2 years and now I sing in a philharmonic choir, which performs concerts every few months.

I am in better shape than ever before and I regularly get told that I look about 24 years of age. In the past 10 years, I have seen wrinkle lines on my face literally disappear. People cannot believe I am 34.

I have lost almost 2 stone in fat since my days at university and am now a trim and toned size 8 (UK).

I have had health assessments where I’ve had the highest score out of anyone in my gym of thousands of people and where my anti-oxidant test readings were so high off the good-end of the chart that the lady examining me demanded to know exactly what my diet consisted of.

(Anti-oxidants are the things found in fruit and veg that ‘mop up’ cancer causing free-radicals in the body.)

I am telling you this, not to brag but to show that the right diet CHANGES EVERYTHING FOR THE BETTER.

You are what you eat, my friend. There is never a truer statement.

Your Results on This Diet

Maybe you don’t want to run marathons or salsa dance or hold events.

Maybe you’re a parent that wants the energy to devote to your children and family life fully.

Maybe you want to have the energy to actually do things when you finish work, rather than crashing in front of the TV.

Maybe you want to be able to walk up the stairs or open a jar without your body aching and being in pain.

Maybe you want to wake up in the morning and feel great to be alive and happy for no particular reason.

Well I believe you can have these things in abundance.

We all have activities that we want to be able to do in life and we all have our struggles.

This diet, for me anyway, has given me not only physical strength and energy but also mental resilience and the ability to stay positive in the face of adversity, which most of us face on a day-to-day basis, right?

We are living in uncertain times and in an unhealthy world – you don’t need to look any further than the cancer, diabetes, heart disease and obesity statistics to see that most people are very unhealthy.

How did we arrive in the situation where we are getting it so wrong? These are PREVENTABLE diseases.

I feel truly grateful that I have found this diet and lifestyle and I am compelled to share it with as many people as possible and build a community of like-minded health seekers: People who REFUSE to throw in the towel and instead step up to live a vibrant, healthy life. No matter where you’re starting from now.

My invitation to you: Join us.

Start with my highly acclaimed report: The 10 Most Dangerous Mistakes YOU Probably Make with Your Diet & Health — And What to Do About It…

Got that?

Check out my complete diet guide: The Alkaline 5 Diet: Complete Long-Term Meal Plan for Optimum Health, Healing & A Hot Body

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