Benefits of The Acid Alkaline Diet

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acid alkaline diet benefits healing handsThe acid alkaline diet has many documented benefits to health and well being in the medical and scientific fields. Each week I receive lots of e-mails from ADHT subscribers telling me that since they’ve ‘gone green’ they have cleared up skin problems, lost excess weight, come off of hayfever medication, reversed diabetes and even made more astonishing improvements to their health to do with very serious diseases like cancer and heart disease.

These are tremendous results and this is why I and so many others are passionate about sharing information about the alkaline pH balance diet.

One of the most amazing benefits of following the acid alkaline diet is how quickly you begin to see health improvements and generally feel better. Because it’s the diet us humans are supposed to be on, once we start alkalizing, our bodies go straight to work ‘cleaning house’ and replenishing our cells.

Think of it like this example: Every night you invite your friends over for a party in your house. At the end of the night you’re left with a load of mess and you  don’t bother or have time to clear up before having your next party, which creates more mess. What state do you think your house would be in after a week or a month?

Now imagine that you have one party, see the mess that was made, spend a whole day clearing up and then cancel all future parties – suggesting you go out for a walk instead, your house would be kept in order – clean and tidy.

This is like switching from acidifying to alkalising foods.

It is almost certain that when you switch to 70:30 alkaline to acidic foods, after a few days of  detox symptoms (like tiredness, headaches, mild dizziness), you’ll start to see some good shifts in energy, weight, skin condition, mood and concentration and more.

Possible Health Improvements From The Acid Alkaline Diet

  • Possible prevention and cure of disease – helping to avoid many widespread and preventable diseases such as colds, yeast infections, even diabetes and cancer
  • Improved immune function
  • Weight loss – as your body releases excess acid stored in fat
  • Slower and reversed signs of aging – as your body’s cell life is prolonged
  • More energy than ever –  no afternoon sluggishness
  • Great skin – as it no longer needs to release acidic toxins through it
  • Better sleep and great sex life – as you get rid of the neuro-toxins in acidic food and generally feel better about yourself and more vibrant. Aids healthy libido and erectile functioning
  • Aids the body’s natural healing mechanisms
  • Help your body combat the big three western diseases
  • Improvement in allergies
  • Better teeth and gums
  • Moving towards optimum health – there’s more to health than absence of disease. An acid alkaline diet lifestyle will make you feel alive and vital, improve concentration, mental and physical stamina and overall self-esteem.

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