Each week I receive lots of questions about the alkaline diet, what are good alkaline foods to eat, what fruits are alkaline, what foods can best help different illnesses and ailments.

I have decided to create a Q&A video series to address your questions, so that all my subscribers and Alkaline Diet Vitality members can benefit from the answers. 🙂

Here is he first video Q&A – on fruits and good alkaline foods to eat check the Akaline Diet Q&A category link at the top of this blog post or on the right had side for more Q&A videos – I will be adding more and more in coming months.

hope you find them useful – please leave your feedback in either the Facebook comments ection or blog comments section below.

Thank you for your continued commitment to your health and for reading my articles. I am here to serve you on your journey into great heath and vitality.

Laura 🙂