There are hundreds of diets out there that can be put into the scammy category, in terms of over-hyped promises and questionable advice for what to eat.

Just look at any of the meal replacement plans where you’re expected to eat NOTHING for months at a time and actually thrive on it!I had a friend who I used to sing with who actually ate nothing for 60 days! She just had 3 chemical laden shakes each day. I’ll never know how she did it but she lost a shedload of weight…

Only to put it all back on and then some a few months later.

The 5:2 diet is touted as sound science and it does carry some water (it’d have to; that’s all you’re allowed lol) but seriously, FASTING for two days a week?! I once did a water fast for 7 days and I had great health results after – fat loss, clear skin, loads of energy – but I could do NOTHING for that week – had so little energy. I know the 5:2 diet allows you a small meal per day, bit this is not enough to thrive on. So 30% of your week would be definitely impeded. And that’s what I’ve heard from friends who have been trying 5:2.

But what about the alkaline diet – is it the same kind of faddy, scammy diet that’s just a marketing ploy? Well Joe Schwarcz, a chemist from a McGill University in Canada says that the alkaline diet is a waste of time, since our digestive system treats all food and liquids in the same way: “drinking alkaline water makes zero sense whatsoever.” He talked to CBC News and Digital Journal about this.

Watch this week’s video for my views on this subject…