Comparison between Alkaline Diet Vitality Package and Alkaline-5 Diet System

Comparison between Alkaline Diet Vitality Package and Alkaline-5 Diet System 2017-06-23T09:48:24+00:00


Alkaline Diet Vitality package includes an online secure membership site, 12 powerful resources, 7 valuable bonuses and manuals (which include 2 recipe books, audios, videos, quick start guide, fitness guides, 10-week turnaround plan, expert interviews and more. The system is quite simple, all resources are housed in a great looking membership site, you can access the content online at anytime with its easy navigation and dynamic setup. All digital files are ease to download and you can connect with other members too.

You won’t feel deprived with the dietary system since it includes 64 delicious recipes in the ADV recipe book, 12 tasty smoothies which are great for breakfast. This means that you are mainly adjusting rather than depriving yourself from food and your body will feel satisfied longer.

Here’s what you get with your investment in an Alkaline Diet Vitality membership: The full Alkaline Diet Vitality Manual valued at $97, Alkaline Diet Recipe book at $47, 10-Week Transformation Success Coaching Guide and Journal at $47, Alkaline Energy Green Smoothies recipe book at $37, also 4 Alkaline Fitness Guides at $67 and a number of great bonuses also included. The whole Alkaline Diet Vitality Package, which includes all of the guides and resources, is only $97 (valued at $813 in total for all the individual books and products).

Now, let’s proceed to our other signature program – the Alkaline-5 Diet System. We already knew that alkaline diet is a diet based around eating lots of alkaline foods which balances pH level. So what’s the major difference between the two? Basically the 1st system (ADV) is more detailed and elaborated – more of a 12-week guided coaching program for getting alkaline.

The Alkaline-5 Diet is the newer and is a more systematized and simple diet plan and meets 5 specific criteria: It’s SIMPLE, SATISFYING, SUPER-HEALTHY, SUSTAINABLE and SYSTEMATIZED since you get to eat 5 meals per day and each one has a specific role in optimizing your health without the need for “cheat days”.

With the Alkaline-5 Diet system you’ll discover the convenient way to eat healthy, how to eat healthy and alkaline on a budget, how to eat to suppress your fat genes, and the 2 secret weapon foods that will keep you satisfied and suppress any cravings for junk foods.

The new Alkaline 5 Diet includes a 42-page alkaline diet guide book, The full color Alkaline 5 Diet Recipe Guide with 19 printable meal photo cards and shopping list, a 20 minute video explaining the 5 meals, and a handy easy to follow infographic like poster that you can print for everyday reference. Another plus is that you’re given access to their private members-only Facebook group.

You can grab a copy by just downloading the package resources from our secure online member’s area for a small investment of $47 (for a lifetime access).

Basically, the two are somewhat alike but the Alkaline-5 Diet is the newest version of the two. It’s more systematized, simpler and cheaper compared to the Alkaline Diet Vitality package. By grabbing the Alkaline-5 Diet, you’ll be making a wise investment into your and your family’s future and health. The lifetime membership access is just a one time payment of $47.

“Check out the Alkaline 5 Diet”

“Check out Alkaline Diet Vitality”

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