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green-smoothies-recipeAhh the wonder of the green smoothie! In my view, this is the best healthy diet fast food ever!

They are packed full of nutrients, really lovely tasting and super quick and easy to make – we’re talking 5 minutes. Typically, they are fruit-based with apples or pineapple or mango and then have some salad veg blended in with them – cucumber, lettuce and spinach for example.

They use fruits and vegetables in their whole form and are blended in a standard blender or smoothie maker and taste sweet and thick, with a slight undertone of greens – very pleasant as not too sweet.

The equipment is usually very inexpensive to buy – my smoothie maker, the Kenwood ‘Smoothie2Go’ was £25 ($38 ish) and is fantastic – it has portable cups and the smoothie is made directly in them, so virtually no washing up.

N.B. Smoothie makers and blenders are usually a lot cheaper than juicers.

Green Smoothie v Green Juice

The benefit of a green smoothie over a green juice is that the fibre and pulp are left in, so less waste and also it fills you up more. Some people prefer a thinner green juice to a smoothie, it’s really just a matter of taste but I recommend green smoothies over juices as I find them nicer and more satisfying.

I tend to have a lovely ginger green smoothie for breakfast each morning and it really energises me. Try green smoothies for breakfast for a week and watch your energy and vitality go through the roof – this is the experience that many hundreds of Alkaline Diet Health Tips subscribers have e-mailed me and commented on the blog about.

Green juices on the other hand a great when you have a lot of random vegetables that are on the verge of going bad and need to use them up quickly in a nutritious raw food form (or is it just me that has cabbages, spring greens and fennel often left over from my previous week’s organic vegetable box?!) 

I have produced a little video for you of me in my kitchen making one of my favourite smoothies – ‘The Activator’. When you subscribe to my free 38-page alkaline diet transition recipe book (via the box on the right of this site), you’ll get this video sent to you inbox, along with some other videos about the acid alkaline balance diet – how to start out, what it is, common questions and more.

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