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How to Regain Great Health & Energy, Lose Weight Naturally & Still Eat Your Favourite Satisfying ‘Comfort’ Foods With The Amazing New Alkaline 5 Diet System

If You’ve Spent Years Dreaming About Getting Back Into Shape & Rid of Your Persistent Health Issues, Then This Letter Will Help You…

From: Laura Wilson, Natural Health & Fitness Expert,
Author & Athlete

Dear Health Seeker,

Do you yearn for better health, more energy or a leaner,
hotter body?

But you struggle eating CONSISTENTLY healthily day-to-day?

Even though you know that a diet rich in plant foods is great for your health and energy you just can’t seem to keep with eating really healthy for more than a few days or weeks, let alone months or years.

There’s nothing worse than that feeling you get when you’ve eaten too much of the wrong types of foods…

That fat, bloated, sluggish, guilty feeling from eating too much

We’ve all been there. Starting off the day by making a resolution to eat 100% healthy and feeling totally motivated and then around lunchtime or the afternoon, that pastry starts calling to you. Or that cappuccino, or that chicken sandwich…

And our willpower crumbles.

“Ah, what the hell. I’ve eaten that chocolate bar now, I may as well have a coffee to go with it.”
“…I’ll start tomorrow.” (Sigh)

You’re not alone. Even people with the greatest motivating factors to live a healthy lifestyle find it a struggle…

People with serious chronic health issues like obesity, diabetes, heart-disease, even cancer still can’t make the shift to a healthy and more alkaline plant-based diet and continue to eat highly acidic foods like meat, dairy products, refined sugar, flour, fat and highly processed and artificial foods.

Eating Acidic Foods Is Like Pouring Battery Acid Into Your Organs & Veins…Sooner Or Later You’ll Run Into Serious Health Problems

Maybe you are living with pain or disease?

Or maybe it’s the pain of frustration of not attaining the body and peak health that you desire so much.

Well if any of this rings true for you. GOOD – get excited because YOU are 100% in the right place. Here, reading this page, right now and I can help you.

Let me tell you, firstly, it’s not really your fault. Yes, you’re off the hook – keep reading and I’ll explain why…

There are some very simple reasons WHY it’s hard to STICK to ‘healthy eating’ and
weight-loss diets


The alkaline diet is a diet based around eating lots of ‘alkaline foods’ such as fresh fruits and vegetables and minimising ‘acidic foods’ such as animal meats and dairy products, genetically modified, refined, processed and fast foods, as well as alcohol and smoking.

Our blood is naturally maintained at a slightly alkaline pH of 7.35. The alkaline diet works in harmony with this balance and minimises the stress put on our body by eating overly acidic foods, which can lead to degenerative disease.

That’s why we have some ‘good’ eating days and then a string of ‘bad’ days?

Anything requiring willpower is UNSUSTAINABLE. Most of us can keep up some willpower to eat any given diet for a few days or even a few weeks if we really had to.

(And this is how yo-yo dieting and binge-eating comes about: Going from having immense willpower to none whatsoever.)

I know you’ve done at least one faddy diet before. By faddy I mean anything that no one could be expected to stick to long term.

How about the intermittent fasting diet, or the paleolithic diet, or the Dr (I managed that for a day once, what a horrible experience!), or the ketogenic diet, or meal replacement diets or very low calorie diets…

I even did a 7-day WATER FAST once!

That’s right, nothing but water for 7 days and yes, it was immensely tough and I lost a lot of weight…but I ended up gaining back the weight I’d lost and then some.

These carb-phobic diets that millions of people still follow are often highly ACIDIFYING (aka disease-forming) to the body and usually lead to not only falling ‘off the wagon’ but can also cause long-term metabolic damage and suppress your thyroid and leptin levels, making it hard for you to EVER lose fat and regain good health.

If you’re on one of these diets, I suggest you get off it right now.

What about a juice cleanse? They’re good for your health right? Well yes but it’s not sustainable for more than a few days or weeks at the very most.

Anyone Can Do A ‘Juice Cleanse’ for 5 Days.
But Then What?

Well, I have created a solution to healthy eating in a SUSTAINABLE and SATISFYING way and it’s called the Alkaline 5 Diet.

The Alkaline 5 Diet is a set of eBooks and online resources that is the answer to your dietary prayers.

BOLD STATEMENT, here’s why…

You Can Eat All The ‘Comfort’ Foods You Crave –
CARBS – And STILL Be Supremely Healthy And Lose

…If You Have a Sweet Tooth, You’ll Love This Diet!


The Alkaline 5 Diet is Designed to Meet 5 Specific Criteria…

  1.  Simple – easy to follow and buy foods for
  2.  Satisfying – you’ll be eating in abundance and feel satisfied. Cravings will be a thing of the past
  3.  Super-healthy – 100% natural, unprocessed, healthy foods – free from genetic modification, hormones, chemical additives, flavours, colours, preservatives and ‘dirty’ production methods
  4. Sustainable – you can do this diet for 10 days or 10 years, it’s totally doable and you’ll reap the benefits
  5.  Systematised – you eat at least 5 meals per day. Each one has a specific role in optimising your health and alkalising your body, without the need for ‘cheat days’ or feeling like you need to come off the diet because it’s too restrictive. Within each meal you get lots of choice and flexibility.


So Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me?

Let me introduce myself if you don’t know me already from my videos, book, newsletters or health seminars…

I am Laura Wilson and the pursuit of health and vitality is my life’s work…

I live a truly healthy and energised lifestyle and walk my talk, but have not always been that way. I’ve gone from being a tired, sick, overweight, junk food-eating smoker in my early 20s to a lean, fit healthy, youthful endurance athlete in my mid 30s.

I’m an accomplished long-distance runner and I’ve competed in more than 50 races and triathlons since 2002. In 2013 I ran two marathons in a month and came 7th in the ladies. In 2014, I’ve run two ultra-marathons (up to 33 miles). I recover well from my runs and have more zest for life than I had 20 years ago.

I’m telling you all this for one reason: Having the correct diet changed EVERYTHING for the better for me and it can for you too.

It’s crucially important that you follow the diet and health advice of someone who has had LONG-TERM success with diet and health, NATURALLY.

Decades of Experience and Proven Results From Real

I’ve been researching, writing and holding events about natural health and the importance of eating alkaline foods (more fruits and vegetables) for over 15 years.

I also managed the medical research in my local health organisation and was responsible for writing high-level national reports on medical research. So I hold a unique insight into both the traditional medical model and the natural approach to diet and optimum health and healing.

So far I have published two books on the alkaline diet and through my websites, weekly newsletters, books and events, I’m delighted to say that I’ve helped transform the bodies and lives of over 10,000 people worldwide.

Introducing The Brilliant New Alkaline 5 Diet

After years of helping people with my books, events and newsletters, I have taken literally a lifetime of the knowledge and discoveries I’ve made about optimum health and nutrition and getting lean and energised and put it into one simple SYSTEM to help you succeed.

I’ve cracked the code for living healthy in an unhealthy world.

With the Alkaline 5 Diet You Can:

Lose Fat
whether it’s that last 10lbs or 50lbs, you can do it easily with this diet…Love handles, ‘man boobs’, belly fat – you can strip it all off with this diet

Ease Or Even Reverse Health Issues
from minor skin complaints, yeast infections, acid reflux to diabetes, erectile dysfunction, infertility, high blood pressure and cancer. When you alkalise your body, disease and ill-health cannot thrive

Gain A LOT More Energy
wake up in the mornings feeling ready to go after a great night’s sleep and have SUSTAINED energy throughout the day. No afternoon flagging or need for a caffeine boost

Eat Big, Feel Satisfied And Lose Your Cravings For Processed And Junk Food
the beauty of this diet is that you can eat a lot and STILL lose fat. Healthy ‘comfort’ foods are the key to this diet’s success

Feel And Look More Youthful
I regularly get told I look 10 years younger than I am and I’ve literally seen wrinkle lines DISAPPEAR from my face. The anti-aging properties of this way of eating are well-documented

Prevent Health Issues Before They Start
look after your and your family’s health and well being now and into the future

Peace Of Mind
like a health insurance policy, you can rest in the knowledge that you know how to eat healthily in an unhealthy world of genetically modified and highly processed an refined ‘pseudo-foods’

Gain Lean Muscle
Optimum nutrition and no empty calories mean that if you want to gain lean mass, you simply eat more of the given foods

Get In Best Shape Of Your Life
if you’ve tried every diet under the sun and are about to give up on finding the ‘perfect diet’ to help you succeed, this plan is what you need to achieve the body of your dreams

Peak Performance
whether you’re a sportsperson, athlete, busy parent, grand parent, employee or entrepreneur, this diet will enable you to get the most out of your life and day-to-day bodily and mental performance

Having A Healthier, Leaner Body Isn’t Just about
Looking and Feeling Great – It Changes
EVERYTHING For the Better!

When you alkalise your body and eat a clean, natural diet, MAGIC happens on all levels.

Here’s what I and many other people have found happening since following the Alkaline 5 Diet. You’ll likely experience:

  • Becoming more attractive and beautiful, inside and out
  • Becoming more happy and regaining a zest for life
  • Feeling joyous for no reason, other than great health
  • More confidence
  • Better sex life!
  • Better social life
  • Feeling more spiritually ‘connected’
  • Wanting to move and exercise more, no longer a chore

What You’ll Discover With the Alkaline 5 Diet:

The Convenient Way To Eat Healthily
how to always find an alkaline solution to eating, no matter what your situation.

How To Eat Healthy And Alkaline On A Budget
if you have to feed a whole family and want affordable healthy solutions, the Alkaline 5 Diet provides it

How To Eat To Suppress Your Fat Genes
…yes, you Actually have Fat genes!

The 2 ‘Secret Weapon’ Foods That Will Keep You Satisfied And Suppress Any Cravings For Junk Food
…these 2 foods are the basis of two of the 5 alkaline meals, are easy to find, super healthy and super-tasty.

Here are some testimonials from people who’ve already succeeded with the Alkaline 5 Diet…

“Lost 11lbs in 10 days!”

“I found it extremely helpful and lost 10 pounds in 11 days. The FLS meal help me not to crave sweets tho so I see its purpose and my energy levels were very high.

Thanks for showing me how to easily attain my goals. This is something sustainable that a person could stay on day in and day out for an unlimited number of days as well as a jump start to great health.”

– Kim Giug, Illinois, USA

“Meals are lovely and energy-giving”

“Well – I’m feeling good! More energy, clearer thinking, a lighter spring in my step. I have no scales but I know I have lost some weight, I can feel it.

My day will now always begin with lime or lemon in a pint of water. I will be adopting the green juices each day. The meals are lovely and energy-giving and I am finding more ways to enjoy a plate of vegetables and my soup making is getting better too.

Overall, a great success and old habits changed. Thank you Laura for being the inspiration and the guide, the example of the possible, the light into my shadows, much appreciated.”

– Robin Richardson, Sheffield, UK

“Within a week my body felt lighter and cleaner and my acne began to clear”

“Before starting the Alkaline Diet, I suffered from heartburn after meals and late at night, oily skin, acne problems and a lack of energy. Like most diets, it took some time for my body to adjust, but within a week my body felt lighter, cleaner and refreshed. My acne began to clear, and I was no longer needing those afternoon siestas.

What appealed to me was the variety in the meal plans. Each food plays a part, but the freedom to pick and choose what out of those categories I wanted to eat helped me feel less restricted. It was a refreshing change from cereal or milkshake twice a day, every day. Even something as little as replacing my morning coffee with fresh lemon in boiling water helped me feel revitalised in the morning- and there was no caffeine slump after!

As a food lover, it was challenging to change from a meat heavy and processed diet at first, but after three weeks of adjusting to the Alkaline 5 Diet, my body felt as though it had been fully cleansed- without the horrors of a laxative effect.”

– Sophie Touhgnill, Melton, UK

“Definite energy boost and unexpected benefits!”

“Hi Laura, after following the Alkaline 5 diet I feel a definite boost in daily energy levels and I lost about 3 pounds in the first week.

There was a very unexpected benefit that I found a little bizarre, I play a musical instrument 3 finger picking style and I usually have to warm up for 10 minutes or so to get my hands/finger working well. What I really liked was after about 3 days into the diet I noticed that I didn’t need to warm up and could play more easily than I ever have before.

I found a diet formula from the variety of choices available that I enjoyed and stuck to the same routine every day, just varying one or two ingredients. The meals are very tasty.

I enjoy the whole diet and have pretty well stuck to it with lapses occasionally when I might have a meal with meat or fish but rarely, or something chocolate or a piece of cake especially at Christmas.

I found it difficult to stop eating cheese and thought it would be harder than it was stopping coffee but was actually easier than I expected. I do have both now but far less than I have had most of my life and feel better for it.

Thank you Laura for the inspiration.”

– Keith Wilson, Devon, UK

“More energy & focus & eased my stomach problems”

“I went through the Alkaline 5 Diet for 3 weeks. At the time I was having really bad stomach problems caused by an already existent health issue. I knew that eating Alkaline would be good for me, and it proved to be so – it eased my stomach problems.

Over that time I felt good and it really helped me with my energy and focus too. Thanks Laura! In 3 weeks I had more focus and clarity that I could get things done. Oven chips by far was my favourite!

– Adil Amarsi, Plymouth, UK

  • The 42-page Alkaline 5 Diet Guide Book
  • The full-colour Alkaline 5 Diet Recipe Guide with 19 printable meal photo cards and shopping list
  • 20-minute video explaining the 5 daily meals
  • A handy, beautifully colourful and easy-to-follow info-graphic (like a poster) that you can print and refer to everyday
  • PLUS: Access to our private members-only Facebook group

You can download all of these resources from our secure online member’s area, with lifetime access for just $47 (£28 UK).

That’s the price of a takeaway meal out and you will be benefiting for many years to come.

The Beauty of It Is, You Can Eat What You Want,
When You Want

Aside from the Blood Cleanser, which is your first ‘meal’ the other meals can be eaten in any order, depending on what you feel most like eating.

And it’s not just big green salads like many alkaline diet plans but lots of healthy COMFORT foods.

Plus, with the Alkaline 5 Diet, there is a healthy alkaline replacement many of the not-so-healthy foods you like to eat.

Get in Now, Invest in Your Health Today For One
Low Price

For now the A5D set of books and video is just $47 (£28 UK) for the whole lot. However, I will likely be taking out the recipe book in the near future and selling that separately.

So grab your copy now for this low price before it goes up!

Here’s My Risk-Free, No-Hassle 30-Day 100%
Money Back Guarantee…

I’m absolutely confident that the Alkaline 5 Diet will have a tremendous impact in your health for the better, helping you get rid of your unwanted fat and easing disease and ill-health. So much so that to make absolutely sure you try this today, I’m giving a 30-day unconditional money back guarantee.

All the risk has now vanished because I’m the one taking the chance here. There’s absolutely no risk on your part.

Sound fair enough?

It’s taken me 15 years of research, interviewing experts and trial and testing to hone this down. The principles of a plant-based alkaline diet are well-proven but it’s implementing it CONSISTENTLY day-to-day that is the struggle…I’ve made it easy.

Decide TODAY To Kickstart You Body & Your Health

Click below to order, choose your payment method and enter your regular details. You’ll get an e-mail straight away with your login details to the private members area where you can download all of the resources and watch the video I’ve recorded for you.

Imagine…by this time next week, you could be slimmer, feeling more energetic and on the path to truly great health.

Everything in the Alkaline 5 Diet system is grounded in solid clinical research and science that has been shown since the late 1920s to be truly EFFECTIVE in creating great health and reversing ill-health and quickly. Nothing on the internet or even in bookstores can compare to what you’re about to get your hands on.

So if you want to:

  • Regain your health
  • Lose that stubborn fat
  • Be totally satisfied with your eating
  • Banish junk food cravings
  • Know that you are taking responsibility for your own health
  • Follow a plan that is effective over the long term, so you can end your diet and food struggle once and for all
  • Be free from dealing with all the negative side-effects of harmful drugs and surgical procedures
  • Feel happy and healthy!

PLEASE REMEMBER: We Are Living In A Very Unhealthy World

1 in 2 people are getting cancer. Heart disease, diabetes and obesity is everywhere to be seen because there are so many things against us achieving good health.

There are fast food outlets on every corner yet it’s almost impossible to buy freshly prepared healthy salads or fruit bowls.

75% of supermarket foods are genetically modified and linked to serious disease.

The money-driven agendas of the huge pharmaceutical companies and food industries infiltrate the mass media.

If you want good health you need top take steps to ensure this. NOW.

Let Me Ask, If You DON’T Get Your Copy of A5D,
What Are You Doing To Ensure Your And Your
Family’s Good Health?

I highly recommend that you click link below to order your copy of the Alkaline 5 Diet today.

At $47 (£28), this is the price of a takeaway meal and you’ll benefit for years to come.

Regular Price $97



Best wishes for your great health and happy eating,

Laura Wilson
Natural health author, speaker, coach and event organiser

P.S. This diet truly is the answer you’ve been looking for to get rid of your excess fat, ease and reverse health issues and get alkaline for more energy and vibrancy – NATURALLY.

P.P.S. Remember you’re getting the whole Alkaline 5 Diet set of resources: The guide for healthy eating, a full-colour recipe book, a 20-minute video and a printable infographic to help you succeed.

P.P.S. To get started right now, simply enter your name and e-mail address below and choose your payment method. Fill in your details on the secure order page and we’ll send you your login details to get all of your Alkaline 5 Diet resources right away.

3 Fair Warnings:

  1. Anyone following this diet long-term can experience significant fat loss and may need to increase calorie intake to prevent from becoming too lean.
  2. You are required to eat fairly large volumes of specific natural and tasty foods in order to succeed and feel totally satisfied.
  3. Many people find that they lose the appetite for processed and junk foods altogether after a period of a couple of months on this diet.

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