Benefits of Wheatgrass

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Wheatgrass plays an important role in your health because it contains 70% chlorophyll, which has some major benefits to our bodies: Being only one molecule different to our blood’s hemoglobin, it’s a great blood builder and cleanser. It can boost your healthy hormones and can fight off and cure ailments and diseases.

I have been drinking it for years and swear by it for its anti-aging, energising and immune boosting properties.

Here are some of the fantastic qualities of wheatgrass juice that can really help your health:

It can increase your red blood-cell count and lower your blood pressure. It cleanses your organs and gastrointestinal tract of unwanted debris. It also stimulates your body’s metabolism and the enzyme systems by enriching your blood. It stimulates your thyroid gland, correcting obesity, indigestion, and a host of other complaints.

It restores alkalinity to your blood. The juice’s abundance of alkaline minerals helps reduce over-acidity in your blood system. It can be used to relieve many internal pains. Also it’s a powerful detoxifier, and liver and blood protector. It strengthens our cells, detoxifies the liver and bloodstream, and chemically neutralizes environmental pollutants.

It fights tumors and neutralizes toxins. Recent studies show that wheatgrass juice has a powerful ability to fight tumors without the usual toxicity of drugs that also inhibit cell-destroying agents. The many active compounds found in grass juice cleanse the blood and neutralize and digest toxins in our cells.

It contains beneficial enzymes. The life and abilities of the enzymes found naturally in our bodies can be extended if we help them from the outside by adding exogenous enzymes, like the ones found in wheatgrass juice. Don’t cook it. We can only get the benefits of the many enzymes found in grass by eating it uncooked. Cooking destroys 80-100 percent of the enzymes in food.

As mentioned above, it has remarkable similarity to our own blood. The second important nutritional aspect of chlorophyll is its remarkable similarity to hemoglobin, the compound that carries oxygen in the blood. This is vitally important for you to understand – it’s the key to building string blood, keeping your body alkaline and enhancing athletic performance.

When used as a rectal implant, it reverses damage from inside the lower bowel. An implant is a small amount of juice held in the lower bowel for about 20 minutes. In the case of illness, wheatgrass implants stimulate a rapid cleansing of the lower bowel and draw out accumulations of debris.

Furthermore, when externally applied to the skin, it can help eliminate itching almost immediately. It also soothes sunburned skin, and act as disinfectant. It works as a sleep aide because it enhances the oxygen air intake you have. It sweetens your breath and firms and tightens your gums. It turns gray hair to its natural color again and greatly increases energy levels when consumed daily. It became a beauty treatment since it slows ageing. It lessens the effects of radiation to your body and last but not the least, it restores fertility and promotes youthfulness.

In conclusion, we simply cannot sum up all the benefits of wheatgrass to our lives. It has countless other positive results that you wouldn’t even think of. It’s just a matter of self discipline and consistency in taking it, which will in turn take care of your health. It may help you become healthier, stronger and full of energy.

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