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The Alkaline 5 Diet Book – Laura Wilson | Hay House Published 2017-06-23T09:48:19+00:00

The world doesn’t need another diet book…but it does need a simple explanation of how to live and eat healthily whilst still heartily enjoying delicious meals.

I wrote ‘The Alkaline 5 Diet’ with 5 ‘S’s in mind – to make your everyday diet and achieving great health and a slim body Simple, Satisfying, Sustainable, Super-Healthy & Systematised.

It’s based around my proven 7-Point Framework for Optimum Health, Healing & Weight Loss and includes lots of tasty plant-based alkaline recipes and a 21-day meal plan.

Many people have had great results with it – you can buy your copy here…

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The Alkaline 5 Diet is grounded in solid science and based around eating alkaline-forming foods for optimum health and energy and weight loss. You eat 5 meals per day and this way of eating is:

  • Simple
  • Satisfying
  • Sustainable
  • Super-healthy
  • Systematized

Grab yourself a copy and give it a go with the 21-day meal plan and recipes at the back of the book.

I’ve been eating this way for around 12 years and it has helped me and many other people look and feel younger and more energetic (I’ve ran lots if marathons and ultra-marathons on this diet), get lean, eat on a cheap budget and with little time for cooking yet feel really satisfied with the delicious meals.

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The Alkaline 5 Diet – Laura Wilson by Hay House Publishing

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