cancer-information-series-alkaline-diet-and-cancerIn the previous part of this Cancer Series set of blog posts and videos, we looked at The Big Cancer Scam. The aim was to give you practical information for better understanding and for prevention and healing of this widespread disease.

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In part 2, we’re going to look at the big astonishing cancer fact that has been known since the early 1900s but the health services and medical industry chooses to overlook or sweep under the carpet.

Once you understand and apply this fact, you can take practical, simple, cheap and totally effective steps to prevent and even reverse this disease. This amazing fact was discovered by Dr Otto Warburg and he wrote many scientific papers on this throughout the first half of the 1900s and won a Nobel Prize for his work on cancer.

Ok, here it is:

Cancer cannot thrive in an alkaline oxygenated environment.

When cells are fully oxygenated, there is no way that cancer can exist. Cancer can only thrive in an environment where there is no oxygen.

When your cells are oxygenated they are alkaline and when they are alkaline, they are oxygenated – the two things are the same.

Otto Warburg’s research and also fellow Nobel Prize winner, Linus Pauling’s a little later showed that if the oxygen in our cells is reduced by 35% or more then the cells can be triggered to turn cancerous.

So what can be done to prevent this dipping of oxygen levels. Well the first simple thing that can be done is deep breathing.

Watch my video for a good deep breathing exercise that I do every day.

If you want some more science, here’s what Otto Warburg wrote I one of his ground-breaking papers on this…

[features_box_green width=”75%” + border=”2px”]“Because no cancer cell exists, the respiration of which is intact, it cannot be disputed that cancer could be prevented if the respiration of the body cells would be kept intact.

Today we know two methods to influence cell respiration. The first is to decrease the oxygen pressure in growing cells. If it is so much decreased that the oxygen transferring enzymes are no longer saturated with oxygen, respiration can decrease irreversibly and normal cells can be transformed into facultative anaerobes.

The second method to influence cell respiration in vivo is to add the active groups of the respiratory enzymes to the food of man. Lack of these groups impairs cell respiration and abundance of these groups repairs impaired cell respiration – a statement that is proved by the fact that these groups are necessary vitamins for man.

To prevent cancer it is therefore proposed first to keep the speed of the blood stream so high that the venous blood still contains sufficient oxygen; second, to keep high the concentration of haemoglobin in the blood; third to add always to the food, even of healthy people, the active groups of the respiratory enzymes; and to increase the doses of these groups, if a precancerous state3 has already developed. If at the same time exogenous carcinogens are excluded rigorously, then most cancers may be prevented today.

These proposals are in no way utopian. On the contrary, they may be realized by everybody, everywhere, at any hour. Unlike the prevention of many other diseases the prevention of cancer requires no government help, and no extra money.

– Wiesenhof, August 1966 OTTO WARBURG


Watch my video below for more on this and for some simple tips for increasing your cells’ oxygen levels.

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