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New Year’s Alkaline Diet Poem

It’s a new year - a time to realign and redefine. At Christmas we all like to dine On fattening foods and a bit too much wine Despite our best intentions our willpower resigns And we end the year feeling a little like Frankenstein! Let’s start afresh - I offer you a lifeline A

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New Video Series – The Word on Health

[SCROLL DOWN TO WATCH VIDEO BELOW] I am creating a new video series called "The Word on Health". I get many e-mails asking questions about different things such as protein, apples - are they alkaline, best vegan/alkaline milks, different vegetables, eating out etc. In the video series, I am going to take your one word

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Are Fruits Alkaline or Are Fruits Bad For You?

Three questions I get asked a lot are: “Are fruits alkaline?” “Which fruits are alkaline?” and “Should I cut back on fruit?” So many people think that fruit is BAD. How did this happen?! Even people who are well-informed have been convinced that fruit is to be minimised or avoided. I used to be one

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New Alkaline Diet Health Tips Newsletter format

Hi, Quick update - I am creating a new weekly newsletter every Wednesday. I am upping the game in terms of bringing you new content each week to help you succeed on the alkaline diet. Watch my video which explains it...  

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Alkaline Diet Q&A – Overcoming Allergies, Wheatgrass Juice & Alkaline Foods

Each week I receive lots of questions about the alkaline diet, what are good alkaline foods to eat, what fruits are alkaline, what foods can best help different illnesses and ailments. I have decided to create a Q&A video series to address your questions, so that all my subscribers and Alkaline Diet Vitality members can

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