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New Year’s Alkaline Diet Poem

It’s a new year - a time to realign and redefine. At Christmas we all like to dine On fattening foods and a bit too much wine Despite our best intentions our willpower resigns And we end the year feeling a little like Frankenstein! Let’s start afresh - I offer you a lifeline A

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The Truth About Dairy, Calcium & Cancer: Lessons As The Milk Industry Changes Campaign

The milk industry has recently retired its ‘Got Milk’ campaign that it used for almost 20 years, has pumped billions of dollars into and enlisted many celebrity faces to promote – Miley Cyrus, Angelina Jolie, David Beckham, Taylor Swift, Usher, the late Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Jackie Chan, Andre Agassi, to name but a few.

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Something weird happened today…

So I got back from a 3 week working holiday in San Diego on Tuesday, I am very jet lagged - only had 6 hours sleep in last 3 days :-( (I had an amazing time BTW, surfing with sharks, track racing fast cars, High Performance Academy seminar, parties, new friends!) Now, I have not

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Alkaline Diet Motivations?

Hello my alkaline friend. How are ya? Well I hope. Are you managing to include alkalising foods and activities into your lifestyle and maintain it? I hope you're finding some good things that are working for you on your quest for supreme health. I've been really stepping up my health regime over the last few

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