Dangers of GMO Foods

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I don’t want to put you on a downer but we’re living in crazy times with regards to our health and food. Who’d have thought 50 years ago that we’d now be struggling to eat clean, untampered with foods that support our good health?!

It’s more important than ever to inform yourself and be very mindful about the food you buy and eat because so much of it is now genetically modified, thanks to massive corporations like Monsanto.

GMO foods, or genetically modified foods, are mainly produced from organisms that undergo changes introduced into their DNA. This was successfully pioneered by methods of genetic engineering and was introduced mainly to help farmers with their crops to produce large amounts of ready-to-sell, healthy-looking crops to sellers in a short span of time. Since manual farming takes time, most of the farmers chose to modify their crops due to supply and demand and to increase profits. We are in a situation now where farmers are pretty much pressured into going down the GMO route, else they struggle to stay in business.

This has been a poisoned chalice, so to speak because there are many known and unknown dangers of eating GMO foods.

Researchers have conducted lab tests on animals to determine the effects of some genetically modified crops. In one test, GMO potatoes were found to damage rats. These potatoes were engineered to produce their own insecticide. After the rats were fed they developed abnormalities on cell growth in their digestive tracts, underdevelopment of the brain, enlarged pancreases and intestines and lastly it damaged their immune system.

Next, they conducted tests with GM tomatoes. They fed the rats the tomatoes in a span of 28 days and it resulted in bleeding stomachs and many of the rats died during this time.

Another study conducted was with genetically modified cotton fields tested with a flock of sheep. After letting them graze through the field, 25% died within a week. It was concluded to be a toxic reaction to the GM field.

So if genetically modified crops are proven harmful to animals, it begs the question, what effect does it have on us? I personally don’t want to chance it and aim to avoid GMOs as much as I possibly can, although this is becoming ever more difficult with the relaxing of GMO labeling.

Nowadays, in the US alone, GMO ingredients are found in almost all processed foods; about 80% to be exact.

Most GMO products to look out for are soy, corn, cotton, rice, wheat, and some vegetables and fruits;having foreign genes inserted their DNA. Furthermore, it can also be present in your vegetable oils, soft drinks, salad dressings, dairy products, meat, chicken and some other animal products.

Don’t believe the hype about it being a ‘sustainable way to feed third world countries’, touted by US politicians and Bill Gates. There have been strong links to severe diseases like the Big C (cancer), as you might have guessed and various other ailments.

GMO foods are NOT good for your health, are a reckless addition to our food chain by irresponsible people in charge and should be avoided. Please be vigilant to save your and your family’s health.

The solution to avoiding GMOs: Buy organic foods wherever possible and don’t buy packaged and processed foods.

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To keep up todate on the latest news and moves on the topic of GMO foods, please check out the fantastic site, the Alliance for Natural Health at http://anh-europe.org

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