3 Big Dangers of Using a Microwave Oven

3 Big Dangers of Using a Microwave Oven 2017-06-23T09:48:24+00:00

Let’s face it – in our modern culture, we’re all busy, all of the time. Something I was guilty of for many years but didn’t feel great about. There should be TIME for the important things in life but unfortunately, it’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind and put life’s most important things at the mercy of the unimportant things.

One of the things that goes out of the window for a lot of people is preparing their own freshly made food, from scratch. Many of us totally rely on a microwave oven and ready-made products for day-to-day meals. Kids, work commitments, social activities all make the microwave a seeming ally to a busy hectic life.

Let’s talk about the ‘friendly’ microwave. This device became everyone’s best friend in the 1980s and revolutionised food preparation. The microwave oven is a device used to heat up cooked meals or even cook ready-made, packaged microwaveable foods. It has high frequency radio waves that are somewhat like the visible radiation that is part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

But is it really that ‘friendly’?

Well, in a word, no. It is actually very dangerous to your body.

1. Microwaving doesn’t heat food evenly. If you place raw meat for example it wouldn’t cook everything from the inside since it will mostly cook only 1 inch in from the meat’s surface. This can be dangerous since it will leave harmful bacteria that can harm you. You should also question the safety of eating meat too, but that’s for another article.

2. Microwaving meals changes the chemistry of food. It reduces the nutrient content of it to virtually zero and creates radiolytic compounds that are carcinogenic. So that lovely, warming vegetable stew which you thought was so healthy has now become a nutrient-deficient health hazard. It’s been found that heating meat, dairy products, and meals in plastic packages have beena major source of carcinogen creation.

3. A study conductedby Dr. Hans Ulrich Hertel found that heating milk/vegetables inside the microwave can cause a change in ones hemoglobin value. Also it decreased the person’s HDL (good cholesterol) and LDL (bad cholesterol) values and ratios.

4. Since people are more likely to depend upon the convenience of cooking with the use of microwave, they tend not to cook manually anymore. This creates a lazy and somewhat irresponsible mindset that they don’t need to be able to think about and prepare their own food. The main result of this is obesity since almost all microwaveable foods are full of fat, cholesterol and calories, harmful chemicals, additives and GMO products.

So what’s the easy solution? Stop using the microwave – sell or throw it away. Seriously, you need to do this right away. As soon as I found this stuff out about 5 years ago, I stopped using one immediately, as did my parents, and I have NEVER used one again.

Funny things is, it’sfarrrrrrr easier and tastier to prepare your own meal rather than to rely on this way of cooking. The only meal I cook is my daily Hearty Cooked Fibre Meal (see my Alkaline 5 Diet for this way of eating) and it literally takes 10 mins form scratch to cook and is delicious.

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