Eating For Energy vs. Alkaline-5 Diet

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Eating for Energy is a nutritional program based on eating more raw plant-based foods which combines science, natural health principles and dietary guides to help you increase your energy level, improve your immune system, lose weight, and make your healthy lifestyle generally better. Its 272 pages e-book will provide you with a powerful nutrition program developed for boosting your energy and vitality.

Some benefits include: Having more energy the whole day to perform more activities; learning about easy, tasty, sustainable ways to eat healthier and incorporate MORE RAW FOODS; losing unwanted fat without veering into dangerous diets (deprivation from food); overcoming food cravings; gaining more physical strength, stamina, vigor without torturous workouts; helping you to choose the right sets of foods to impact your mood in a great way.

Furthermore, Eating For Energy states that wheat and dairy are the 2 most allergenic and problematic foods in our food supply. They wreak havoc on the human body that we were not built to metabolize them. Also it states the fact that foods that have been cooked are ‘dead foods’. They have lost their highly beneficial enzymes, nutrients, and their life energy and have been stripped of the majority of their vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients.

In Eating for Energy, it will show you the exact foods that your body was meant to enjoy and will show you how easy it can be to make raw foods a more prominent part of your life. Yuri Elkaim, the author, claims that you will discover what might be one of the most powerful energy-boosting raw food diets you’ll ever come across.

Okay, so let’s proceed to Alkaline-5 Diet. A5D is a set of e-books focusing on an alkaline-balance diet in which you eat tasty alkaline-forming foods that can help you lose fat, gain more energy, eat big, feel satisfied and lose your cravings for junk foods. It’s helped many people look and feel younger, it can help to prevent some health issues that will haunt you for life on an acidic standard western diet and provide you with peace of mind and a leaner body.

Not only that, when you try this diet, you’ll be able to happily eat large amounts of delicious healthy alkaline meals. People nowadays are struggling to find a dietary system where they feel satisfied in their stomach (i.e. not hungry all the time!) while eating healthy and balanced at the same time.

With the Alkaline-5 Diet it’s not necessary to sacrifice your cooked meals with just “Raw” meals. You can enjoy cooked meals that are alkaline based and won’t destroy your health.

A5D meals will boost your day with nutrients and energy and many other great benefits for your body.

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