Are Fruits Alkaline or Are Fruits Bad For You?

are-fruits-alkaline-or-are-fruits-bad-for-youThree questions I get asked a lot are: “Are fruits alkaline?” “Which fruits are alkaline?” and “Should I cut back on fruit?”

So many people think that fruit is BAD. How did this happen?! Even people who are well-informed have been convinced that fruit is to be minimised or avoided. I used to be one of these people and looking back, this misconception totally hindered my health and fitness.

I get e-mails like this every day of the week, from people who say they are ‘struggling to cut down on fruit’:

“Like yourself I’ve spent hundreds of pounds and time researching looking for what works and what doesn’t, for me at least. There’s only been about six big aha moments relevant to me. Like most people like us we wish we knew the stuff we know now, 20-30 years before… 

Would like to eat more fruit but their off the menu 🙁 it’s a sacrifice but hey that’s life hey :-)” – Greg

If you think fruit is in some way bad for you and not in line with the alkaline diet then you are WRONG. But don’t worry, it’s not your fault.

Watch me talk about alkaline fruits in this video:

A lot of the popular books out the there about the alkaline diet say that you should cut down on your fruit intake.

Books such as Dr Robert O Young’s The pH Miracle and various others, as well as the Paleo diet bunch, the high protein bunch and the ‘eat fat to lose fat’ bunch.

These books, as well as the mass media, have convinced us that fruit is sugar and therefore bad.

Not so. Refined sugar is NOT the same as fruit sugar. Not by a mile!

Fruit sugar is unrefined and delivered in its natural package, along with lots of vitamins, fibre and enzymes. This makes it infinitely more superior than the ‘crack’ sugar, which has no vitamins, no nutrients and is refined to a white crystal, like some kind of drug.

Fruit is alkalizing!

In the context of an alkaline diet – lots of raw vegetables and low fat cooked rice, quinoa, millet, pasta etc – then fruits have an alkalizing affect on your body.

However, if you eat fruit on top of a protein-rich or greasy meal, it is ACIDIFYING to your body.

Why is this? Because fruit digests fast and when backed up by slow-digesting protein and fat meals, it ferments, causing gas, and acid.

So should you be eating fruit? YES

If you’re following the alkaline diet then you will be minimising, if not eliminating altogether, meat, dairy, processed foods and packaged foods – all acidic foods

So what’s left for you to eat?

Grains and legumes, nuts, seed and…FRUITS.

[features_box_green width=”75%” + border=”2px”]HEALTH TIP: I advise cutting way back on nuts and seeds, they are very high fat and will make you feel sluggish and are not great as part of a low fat diet[/features_box_green]

Fruit enables you to get enough calories in your daily diet because you can only eat so many raw or cooked vegetables and low fat salads.

A great alkaline smoothie I like to make for example is my banana-spinach smoothie – simply grab 5 super-ripe bananas and whizz it in the blender with a large handful of spinach. Voila! Done.

Bananas are the ultimate fast food!


We are getting it very wrong – 80% of people are overweight and obese. 1 in 2 will get cancer!

We need to question the common knowledge and common practice and in this day and age, the wisdom of eating a lot of fruit is neither common nor practiced.

Do you honestly think that cancer wards, heart disease theatres and dentist waiting rooms are full of fruitarians?! No.

So I hope this has dispelled a common health myth and will encourage you to eat more fruit – to your heart’s content!

I talk in more detail about this subject in my report The 10 Most Dangerous Mistakes YOU Probably Make with Your Diet & Health — And What to Do About It…

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About the Author:

Laura is a qualified Nutritionist, former healthcare research manager and acclaimed author of the Hay House-published book 'The Alkaline 5 Diet'. She has been helping people achieve better health through a plant-based diet since 2008 via her websites, books and health events. Starting an alkaline diet in 2001, Laura has gone from overweight, tired smoker to lean, fit, youthful marathon and ultra-marathon runner.


  1. Bruce Fisher February 27, 2014 at 5:24 pm - Reply

    I really enjoyed listening to your ideas on fruit in an acidic diet and an alkaline diet. Some alkaline is better than none. We have to start somewhere. My body prefers well over 50% alkaline, but most people I eat with are on an over acid diet. Going alkaline takes understanding about what acid in the body from the foods we eat means. Thanks so much for the video. Praise the Lord for knowledge we have to share for our better health!

  2. Jean Gray February 27, 2014 at 10:39 am - Reply

    Wow this has opened my eyes a lot!! Thanks sweetie

    I can eat fruits without feeling guilty!

  3. Geoff February 27, 2014 at 12:12 am - Reply

    Great video leant a lot

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