Comparison between Give Raw a Chance and Alkaline-5 Diet

Comparison between Give Raw a Chance and Alkaline-5 Diet 2017-06-23T09:48:24+00:00

Give Raw a Chance is premium members club for people who are interested in overcoming the practical challenges that some people have in living sustainably on a raw food diet. It claims to be a ground-breaking program that will clear the subscriber’s confusion and show them the answers they need to thrive quickly and easily on a raw food diet, whilst having fun at the same time.

Some great benefits that they are promoting are: To achieve the perfect body weight, to attain youthful glowing skin and to experience a balanced emotional state of mind. Also, what makes this program quite exciting is that it gives you power to avoid the painstaking mistakes of thousands of others, to lose weight permanently, open the flood gates for improvement, learn how to construct your raw diet and easily prepare your own healthy, fast, simple, raw food dishes to potentially reverse the ageing process, discover body purification, and eat raw foods without expensive equipment.

This program gives you full access to a tons of audiobooks, e-books, manuals, CD of the month club, coaching, One-on-one coaching, Answers to all your questions for $24.97 a month membership.

Now, let’s proceed to the Alkaline-5 Diet System. We already knew that alkaline diet is a diet based around eating lots of alkaline foods which balances pH level. With the Alkaline-5 diet system you’ll discover the convenient way to eat healthy, how to eat healthy in an alkaline on a budget, how to eat and suppress your fat genes, and the 2 secret weapon foods that will keep you satisfied and suppress any cravings for junk foods.

The new Alkaline 5 Diet includes a 42 page alkaline diet guide book, The full color Alkaline 5 Diet recipe guide with 19 printable meal photo cards and shopping list, a 20 minute video explaining the 5 meals, and a handy easy to follow infographic like poster that you can print for everyday reference. Another plus is that you’re given access to their private members-only Facebook group.

You can grab a copy by just downloading the package file from the secure online member’s area for just $47 with a lifetime access.

In comparison, the Give Raw a Chance membership program is somewhat expensive since it’s a premium membership which requires you to pay $24.97 a month unlike the Alkaline 5 Diet program only requires you a onetime membership fee of $47 in which you can access a lot of resources and benefits. Regarding their benefits, they’re somewhat alike but their dietary programs are very different from each other. Alkaline-5 is more systematized and organized when it comes to planning and sustaining the subscribers day to day needs.

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