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I love green drinks! They are basically green vegetables and/or fruits blended or juiced up together into a tasty, refreshing and energising drink that is great for your health. It can be a blended, ice-cold drink, a cocktail, a smoothie or a purée. These drinks are very good in refreshing your body and at the same time detoxifying it.

Why is it specifically called a ‘green’ drink even though it’s mixed up with other veggies or fruits that are not? It’s because the prominent color result is green, since the dominant fruit or veggie has that color. Some examples are celery, avocados, spinach, cucumbers, parsley and other leafy greens. Also, we associate ‘green’ with being healthy. Vegetables and fruits are often represented by the color green since it’s a symbol for wellness and good health. And maybe because green represents Mother Nature were all plants came from.

So what’s so good about green drinks? They work wonders in keeping your mind and body healthy when taken consistently and regularly. They help improve your immune function and builds your resistance to ailments and other diseases, since the green leafy stuff is full of nutrients and vitamins and is super-alkalising.

Green drinks are also great for your digestive system. Green vegetables and fruits are good detoxifying agents, so they cleanse your digestive tract from all those unwanted toxins and acids that can build up inside it.

Another major benefit is that you’ll likely experience high energy throughout. Who doesn’t want more energy for getting all our tasks and chores done, playing with the kids, running, being focused at work and all the other things in our daily lives that need us to perform well.

Also, since green drinks are full of vitamins and nutrients this will help you fight sickness and disease that you need to prevent or reverse. Your sleep cycle will also probably improve and of course weight loss becomes more effortless when we alkalise through taking green juices and smoothies. Green leafy vegetables and fruits are a good source for burning fats and calories, since they do not produce an insulin response in the body and can actually suppress our fat genes. They help in balancing your overall body pH level and make a good healthy alternative to eating meat and dairy products when you’re hungry.

Furthermore, as you get used to drinking green drinks and your body becomes more alkaline, you’ll find yourself wanting to eat more salads and having greens in your sandwiches, instead of other unhealthier things.

There are a lot of ways to create these green leafy drinks and their beauty is their simplicity. There are lots of recipes online, so experiment with different green smoothies and juices to find a few that you and your family like and want to drink on a regular basis. A great one to start with is my Activator Green Smoothie – see here for video of me in the kitchen and recipe sheet.

Another simple green juice recipe is cucumber juice with spinach and kale, or spinach with 5 bananas as a great green smoothie (this is my secret weapon before and after ultra-marathon runs I do!).

What’s your fave green drink? Leave a comment below.

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