Green Drinks (Continued)

Green Drinks (Continued) 2017-06-23T09:48:24+00:00

We already know that green drinks are healthy refreshments made by either juicing or blending fruits and vegetables, such as spinach, bananas, mangoes, kale, wheatgrass, cucumber… You can choose whatever healthy combinations you want, depending on your taste. So, here’s some tips for creating your healthy green juices and smoothies.

It’s good to prepare your green drink first thing in the morning before you do your daily agendas. Prepare an amount that you can drink in a day. You can keep it cold inside the fridge to preserve its freshness. You will lose a very small amount of nutrients by storing your green drink, as it will oxidise but the loss is negligible.

DO NOT pair up your healthy drink with your meals. The purpose is to get the whole nutritional benefit out of it; so drink it alone, on an empty stomach – which is why having one first thing in the morning is great.

Another thing is that you should not add starchy vegetables together with your fruits since this will get you into a gassy state! Some examples of starchy vegetables are carrots, beets, broccoli stems, eggplants and squash.

You should not add anything unhealthy to your green drink, only your greens, fruit, and water. NO sugar, NO dairy products. Other additions can cause irritation and gas when mixed together with some fruits and veggies. We don’t want that really do we?!

Did you know that these healthy green drinks can help prevent kidney stones? According to scientific research, some veggies contain dietary calcium,which is a lot easier for your body to absorb rather than milk calcium. Kale, for example contains a high level of dietary calcium. Furthermore, if you have problems with constipation, a fiber-rich kind of green drink (smoothie, which retains the fiber) will help you end this uncomfortable problem.

If you’re eager to make your body a lot healthier and to have more energy and lose a few excess pounds, you should definitely make green drinks part of your life, starting today. They really are the best way to incorporate all those mushy greens into your diet that you don’t want to eat alone. Try experimenting with some other fruits and veggies that may be a good combination for you, and you’ll get used to it in no time as part of your daily routine.

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