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So let’s talk about smoothies. Basically, a smoothie is a blended, sweetened beverage composed of fresh fruits or even mixed with vegetables and crushed ice made into a thick consistency. Most smoothies tend to contain milk, yogurt or even ice cream.

But not all smoothies are that healthy since it most of them contain dairy products. That’s why the green smoothies came to be 🙂 Health conscious people came up with this smart alternative in for people to indulge in a refreshing drink in a healthier way.

So what are the benefits of the so-called green smoothie? Quite simply, the benefits you will get are all the vitamins and nutrients you get from all those fruits and green vegetables you mix up while you create this drink. Your digestive system will improve its function since all the green foods contain chlorophyll, which is highly alkalizing and will help you detoxify your body. You’ll be more energized, have a steady state of mind, be more active in everyday activities and less stressed. These nutrients you get help improve your immune resistance and will ward off germs and viruses that may invade your precious body. Not only will you see and feel the difference internally, you’ll be able to boost your self-confidence because your body shape will likely improve too. You can start to say goodbye to excess flab and hello to sexy fit body!

‘What about all the sugar from the fruit?’ you might ask. Well, frit sugar actually SUPPRESSES YOUR FAT GENES! Yep, that’s right, we have fat genes and green smoothies can turn them off, helping you to lose weight effortlessly, since fruit sugar does not stimulate an insulin response in the body. Green smoothies are a fantastic alternative to fizzy drinks that are full of refined sugar and chemicals, which will make your body bloat and obese.

Keep in mind that dairy products are not recommended in this drink, you can have other alternatives for this, but in a healthier kind of way. Some alternatives are almond or coconut milk. You might be thinking, what? No sugar or milk or even my favorite ice cream? (ice creams made of only fresh fruits are an exception, dairy ones are not advised). The fresh fruits you use are already sweet, so basically if you make a veggie smoothie with some spinach or kale, cucumber, celery, lime and then add some fruits like pineapple, apples or mangoes that will make it sweeter for your taste buds. It’s just a matter of creativity and open-mindedness.

Here’s an easy green smoothie recipe and if you want more check out my Alkaline Diet Vitality plan. Remember, staying lean and healthy is just a matter of consistent good eating and following an alkaline diet is the best way to do it.

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