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What The Alkaline Diet Is & Why It's Important For Your Health

Welcome to Alkaline Diet Health! This site is a comprehensive acid and alkaline foods, recipes and diet information hub, where you’ll find lots of useful articles, videos, recipes, tips, coaching, products and alkaline plant-based diet guidelines, to help you on your path to excellent health, healing and your optimum weight.

The alkaline diet, also known as the pH balance diet, is based around keeping your body’s blood pH optimised at around 7.365 by eating more alkaline foods (and drinks) and avoiding acidic foods and drinks. Following this premise is the basis of great health and going against it is the basis of disease.


The Alkaline 5 Diet - Published worldwide on Hay House

The world doesn't need another diet book...but it does need a simple explanation of how to live and eat healthily whilst still heartily enjoying delicious meals.

I wrote 'The Alkaline 5 Diet' with 5 'S's in mind - to make your everyday diet and achieving great health and a slim body Simple, Satisfying, Sustainable, Super-Healthy & Systematised.

It's based around my proven 7-Point Framework for Optimum Health, Healing & Weight Loss and includes lots of tasty plant-based alkaline recipes and a 21-day meal plan.

Many people have had great results with it - you can find out more and buy your copy here.

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The 5 Shifts to Optimum Health, Healing & Weight Loss

This 50-minute online web class shows you the 5 mindset shifts you 100% need to make in order to have abundant health and the slim body you desire.

You'll discover the mighty power of a plant-based alkaline diet for authentic weight loss and healing and real life examples of people's results.

We also look at the shocking truth about what we're up against when it comes to achieving the body & health you long for (and how to overcome it)...And how to do all of this without feeling deprived or like you're on a 'diet'.

Register now for a date and a time that suits you then grab a drink and enjoy this free training, which could be the best thing you listen to all year.

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10-Hour 'Alkaline Diet Made Easy' Video Course

This is my most popular and highly-rated diet and weight loss course - over 250 happy students from 50+ countries! It's a comprehensive guide to losing weight with an alkaline, plant-based diet. It has lots of recipe videos, alkaline swaps for your favourite foods, how to eat out socially and much more! Click below for your limited coupon to get it for 50% off (use code 'ALKALINEFORLIFE'.

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No more Type 2 Diabetes! Thanks Laura!

"I discovered, Laura Wilson and her book, The Alkaline 5 Diet. Her story was very inspiring to me, and again the science in her book made sense to me. I had Type 2 Diabetes and previously, I had a lot of problems with acid reflux. I knew my body was too acidic and I popped antacids down like candy. I took Laura’s coaching to get some help. Three months later, after having another blood test, my doctor called. I squealed with joy on the telephone as she read me the results of my HBA1C test. I had gone from a 7.1 to 4.9! No more Type 2 Diabetes! Thanks Laura!" - Anna Soranno, Switzerland

I can eat so much delicious food & I've lost weight...

"I thought Laura was about 10 years younger than she is - she looks great on this diet, so I decided to give it a go. The meals were really quick to make and at first I wasn't sure how they would turn out - but they were absolutely delicious! All of my 5 kids have a green smoothie every morning for breakfast and they love it. I haven't drank coffee or taken any paracetamol for a month now and I feel great, I have so much more energy. The best thing is, I can eat so much colourful and delicious food without gaining any weight, in fact I've lost some weight” – Beccy Davies, UK

Laura's coaching really helped my Ulcerative Colitis!

“I have been coaching with Laura for the past few months and I am here to strongly recommend it. I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis back in 2000 and for years I have been through some tough times with it. Laura was able to help me really well. With the calls every week it was easy for me to get serious about my health and diet. Thanks to her for opening my eyes to how this alkaline diet really really works and how it really is putting people on the right track for being much more healthy. I would highly recommend Laura’s coaching mainly because it’s a good balance of accountability and solid information and an action plan. I have seen some amazing benefits with my health.” - Thomas Dunne, Ireland

My sore tongue acid reflux healed within 4 weeks

“Laura coached me 1-1 for 8 weeks and within 4 weeks my acid sore tongue condition, that the doctor told me I would have for as long as 10 years, has completely gone! I am so thankful to be out of pain and discomfort and for Laura's kind, caring approach in helping me. I recommend you speak to her if you have any heath issues. - Betty Pooley, London, UK

I'm a PT & I highly recommend Laura's 21-day plan

"My partner and I are both doing Laura's alkaline diet 21-day programme and it's quite exciting! Totally different to what I would normally eat and we're really enjoying all the recipes and enjoying the fact that it's quick and easy and the seasonings are not what I would have usually used but they are delicious and I'm using them easily now. I had some detox symptoms in week 1, great energy in week 2. I'm a Personal Trainer & I work with people and their nutrition plans on a day-to-day basis and I would highly recommend this because it's quick, easy and effective. It is in line with great cardiovascular fitness and achieving a lean body." - Simon Francis, Devon, UK

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Our fast-growing FB group is for people who are serious about losing weight in a natural, healthy and more plant-based way. No fads, no gimmicks, just accessing the power of whole plant alkaline foods to get the slim and healthy body that you desire, as well as for more energy and to address health issues. We post in here 5 days a week - new tips, recipes, support, contests, challenges and great discussion. Join now!

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Meet Laura Rimmer

Nutritionist, Author, Speaker & Health Coach

Hello and welcome to my website! I’m Laura Rimmer (née) Wilson - a qualified Nutritionist and author of the acclaimed book ‘The Alkaline 5 Diet', published worldwide on Hay House. My aim is to give you resources, guidance and support in achieving a slimmer physique and a healthier body and mind - through an alkaline, plant-based diet which has been proven time and time again to be the best diet for producing great health, healing and weight loss.

As a natural health expert with a wide range of experience, I am passionate about helping people to heal disease, lose weight, slow down the ageing process and have sustained high energy throughout the day. I enjoy speaking at events and coaching people 1-1 with their health goals and love seeing how happy they are when they make great progress.

I went from overweight, unhealthy, tired smoker as a student in my 20s to lean, fit and vibrant ultra-marathoner in my late-30s. I have studied and applied the true principles of optimum nutrition for over 17 years and truly know the simple secrets to achieving great health and energy, no matter what your starting point.

I am a former Medical Research Manager for the UK’s health organisation, a qualified Advanced Gym Instructor and organiser of the Natural Health & Vitality Conference. I believe that my years of varied experience, without any financial incentives to promote any particular approach, other than what works for great health, have given me a unique and deep insight into what it takes to be healthy in the unhealthy world we live in.

Since 2008, over 20,000 people have downloaded my recipe books and read my newsletters and I get many lovely emails each week to tell me of positive health results that people have achieved from the information I provide.

I teach from my proven 7-Point Framework for Optimum Health, Healing & Weight Loss, which is a simple but highly effective and holistic approach to great health.  There is really no health or weight struggle too big or small that this approach cannot work for.

You can download a free printable version of The 7-Point Framework for Optimum Health & Healing, here.

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