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In this week’s video post I talk about 2 big keys in life to becoming healthy. The first big thing is that you need to be flexible and adaptable when it comes to your fitness and keeping active. Second, is that you must eat the right foods and it’s the nuances, the SMALL THINGS that often make the BIG DIFFERENCE. Watch the video below to see a good example of what I mean by this, with a simple illustration of a noodle meal.

These two things are to be taken seriously, since your body is the most vital thing you have, you must take good care of it. In order to live a truly happy life you first need to be healthy.

1. Being Adaptable & Flexible – Like Water

Let’s talk about the first key. Being adaptable means you are willing to go with life’s circumstances and change. You must be adaptable to change yourself from being unhealthy to healthy. You must have a mindset like flowing water in order not to be rigid. If circumstances aren’t optimal, if you have an obstacle in your way or if you have a set-back of some sort, you need to be able to negotiate around these things, with no drama or excuses.

Being fit is not an instant thing, so exercise must be done on a daily basis for you to see changes. We humans are naturally born to exercise; this is a basic daily requirement, just like animals have.

2. Picking the Right Foods – It’s A Small Thing That Makes A Big Difference to Your Health

The second key is that we MUST select and eat the right kind of food. You must take note of what you are eating and check whether it is dangerous or not in terms of its ingredients.

Before you buy anything in the supermarket, turn the packet over and check the ingredients.

Every time. Every packet.

I do this as a standard routine. It’s easy and is just a good habit you need to form. Simple. Don’t put your health into the hands of food industry giants who do not have your heath as their priority. Do not be lazy or apathetic. Take responsibility for your own health and what goes into your precious body.

Ok, stern talking to over lol.

Having an organic diet is much better than eating all those processed, and GMO laden foods. So buy organic foods wherever possible. Avoid foods that are made with chemicals and substances that are not meant for our bodies. All those preservatives, additives, flavour enhancers etc produce a lot of bad effects that will literally ruin your mind and body. Check out the video with the comparison I make between two noodle meals.

My rule is, if I don’t know the content of something, or if it has any chemical in, I put it right back on the shelf. Choose foods that are simple, fresh and that you know what they are, like organic vegetables and fruits that are well known for their health benefits and alkaline properties.

For an easy to follow alkaline diet plan that will help you easily avoid all these packaged and chemical goods, are cheap to buy, take less than 10 mins to cook and are delicious, check out the Alkaline 5 Diet.

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  1. Marti June 27, 2014 at 8:58 pm - Reply

    The latest research is indicating that high carb diets are responsible for the increase in Alzheimer’s and other brain related anomalies. Grain Brain by Dr. David Permutter is a good read. I love the alkaline lifestyle, but I avoid high sugar grains.

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