Is Soy Bad For You?

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Soy (soya)is the liquid made from soybeans and is used in making a variety of different foods. Soy is used in tofu, soy milk and also in your fermented foods like miso and soy sauce, consumed mostly in Asian countries. Also, soybeans can be cooked and eaten whole. They should not be eaten raw since they’re poisonous.

Soybean meal contains 50% protein. These extracted soybeans are often fed to livestock and is not for human consumption. The trouble with soybeans are that a ‘Big Food’ company called Monsanto who you’ve probably heard of has genetically modified and patented 99% of the world’s soy beans – so all animals fed soy are eating genetically modified feed and this is passed onto us when we consume meat.

Since nearly all soy produced is genetically modified, soy is considered – in my book and many other experts’ – a food to be avoided as it’s bad for you.

The true impact of genetically modified foods on our bodies is not yet 100% known, as it has only been used on a widespread basis in the last 20 years but we do know that GM foods are linked with cancers and other tumors.

Also, soybeans contain plant oestrogens, which mimic our own oestrogen and can interfere with our hormonal balance – having a negative impact in both men and women’s hormones; causing testosterone imbalance in men and estrogen dominance in women.

Oestrogen dominance can lead to infertility, and even cancer. Also, soy contains inhibitors that can block enzymes that are used in digestion. This can lead to digestive tract problems such as indigestion. Furthermore, soy-based baby formula is really a bad idea. You must not expose your baby to soy milkas it can have a bad effect in years to come, such as brain problems, since soy is very rich in manganese and aluminum.

So why is soy considered a health food by many people? Soy does have some benefits too. It is a good source of plant protein BUT, all the protein you need can be obtained by leafy green vegetables like kale and spinach, so soy is not really necessary in this regard.Soy is low in saturated fat and contains no cholesterol. The fat contained in it is unsaturated and won’t raise blood cholesterol.

To conclude, soybeans aren’t overly harmful if consumed infrequently. Have them every now and again – maybe in a miso soup when eating in a Japanese restaurant, or with some sushi but don’t use soy milk as your staple dairy milk alternative. Coconut milk and almond milk are much better alternatives.

And as for protein, go with the leafy greens or wheatgrass juice for a much healthier, alkaline source.

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