Transition Alkaline Recipe Book

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My Alkaline Diet Transition Recipes eBook is 38 pages of delicious, innovative and easy fruit and vegetable-based recipes that are easy and quick to prepare.

The alkaline recipes are all fully endorsed by the National Cancer Institute and Centers For Disease Control & Prevention, so they’re officially certified as being healthy 🙂

Full nutritional information and diabetic exchange values have been calculated for all of the recipes.

** Please note that these recipes are TRANSITION recipes – i.e. to take you from an acidic diet towards a more alkaline diet. They are not fully alkaline and contain some acidic foods but are a good starting point to help you move towards a more alkaline diet. As you start making positive diet and lifestyle changes, you may want to remove some of the acidic foods and swap for alkaline (see alkaline foods list) and also move onto the main Alkaline Diet Vitality Recipe Book **

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Alkaline Diet Transition Recipe Book

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