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Hi! It’s Laura here, today’s video, I want to ask you a question. What do you want to hear more about from me? You are a subscriber to Alkaline Diet Health Tips, if you’re not and if you’re finding me from YouTube then do subscribe, go to my website and subscribe and you can get access to this weekly videos and newsletter and information, events and tips and recipes about the alkaline diet.

For improved health, for improve healing, for a hot body, for anti-ageing, and just for great energy and great health all around. If you are a subscriber you’ve obviously read my newsletters pretty much for a while, I would imagine. And, I want to know, how can I best serve you? Do you want to have more recipes? Do you want more Q&A? Because I get questions everyday from people and I tend to answer when I can one to one. Do you want me to bundle your questions up, be able to submit questions and I’ll answer them on video?

Do you want more information about exercise? What you want to hear more about the alkaline diet and getting healthy and energized on this lifestyle? Do you want to hear more about veganism because veganism is really the ultimate end of the spectrum with the alkaline diet – more about why you should minimisemeat and dairy?
Meat and dairy are both very acidic, so by giving them up you’re on the path to more alkaline diet.

A lot of people struggle with veganism knowing the best things to eat for energy and combining the two things – being alkaline and vegan. So do you want to know more about that, let me know? I’m opening it up to you. So please scroll down to below this blog post and write your comments and questions, what do you want to hear more about of me? And I will take those on board and start doing more of that for you in my weekly newsletters.

I’m here to serve you. So do give me your input, do you want longer videos, do you want shorter videos? You prefer blog posts, rather than videos, do you want more videos? What do you want? And in terms of products I can provide you, do you want me to provide more information about wheatgrass, alkaline water or supplements or super foods? So I’m giving you a whole array of things here. Do let me know.

I’ll speak to you on the next video and I’ll look forward to having your feedback and be able to serve you in a better way. If you want more information and more of a very structured program of how to follow the alkaline diet, do check out my Alkaline-5 Diet book and recipe guides because really this is the culmination of my work in putting together this system for you, so I would advise you to check it out but other than that I shall speak to you again in the next video.

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  1. Pat May 8, 2014 at 7:53 pm - Reply

    More Q&A would be helpful. Also info on how to maintain an alkaline diet when your partner is not interested?

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