Comparison between Rocking Body Raw Food vs Alkaline-5 Diet

Comparison between Rocking Body Raw Food vs Alkaline-5 Diet 2017-06-23T09:48:24+00:00

Let’s first talk about Rocking Body Raw Food. They’re offering subscribers a 2 week system tutorial of eating raw fruits and vegetables. They’re promoting that cleansing is not only elimination of diet; it can be obtained through fresh juice and raw food intake.

With their program, you have organic and raw fresh vegetables and fruits which contain massive micronutrients and antioxidants inside them. Cooking is known to eliminate and destroy around 80% of the nutrients in fruits and veggies, so going raw for a cleanse makes sense.

After the two weeks, the program shows you that raw food can provide you with live, fresh, powerful food that has more then enough nutrients for the body and you won’t go hungry during the process. Also, you will discover the kinds of foods that you may have previously been eating and aren’t good and can result in some bad side effects on your body. This will occur after you’ve followed the Rocking Body Raw Food diet and you start to take up small amounts you’ve been consuming in the past.

So is this effective for everybody? Yes, this can probably benefit the vast majority of people, since you’ll be getting fresh, raw fruits and veg loaded with nutrients. But if you’re not a fan of raw foods then this program is somewhat limiting.

So there’s a tasty alternative for this. And it’s the Alkaline-5 Diet book. This diet course is not only healthy but is massively agreeable for almost everyone’s taste buds. This system can allow you to enjoy lots of healthy, delicious and easy to cook meals that are good for your body.

This diet system is great if you want to go on a diet without sacrificing eating lots of tasty meals. Furthermore, with Alkaline-5 Diet you will not have to eat raw foods exclusively, there is a lot of flexibility – you can eat from 30% raw to 100% raw, depending on your preferences – whatever suits you and you can adapt this over time if you wish.

Not only will you be able to have great peace of mind because of all the nutrients you’ll be consuming, you’ll likely experience having a leaner and healthier body and more mental clarity and energy throughout the day. So you don’t neceassarily need to sacrifice yourself with just “Raw” foods which can be a bit monotonous. You can take up enjoying meals that can keep your stomach full and satisfied and gives you enough energy throughout the day, whilst making you healthy and fit at the same time.

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