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This Letter Concerns Your Health & Happiness

Please Read It

From: Laura Wilson – Owner & Founder of Alkaline Diet Health Tips

My Dear Friend & Optimum Health Seeker,

The health, vitality, looks and fulfillment that you desire in life are closer than you think! You can have it all and what’s more, you can enjoy the journey getting there too.

But all success requires a well-structured and proven plan, right?

That’s where most people go wrong – they have no plan for success and wonder why they are not getting the results they crave.

Alkaline Diet Vitality could be just the plan to help you achieve your optimum health right now. Keep reading…

Did you know that Americans and other people in the Western world are spending billions upon billions of dollars each year on diet products and very few are getting any lasting results?! You might even be one of them. Maybe you’ve tried the South Beach Diet, the Atkins Diet, the Cabbage Soup Diet or any one of the other fad diets out there with little success?

It’s a jungle out there, right?

Let Me Ask You…

Are You Caught in a Ongoing Struggle With Any of These?

  • Less than great health
  • Weight issues / obesity
  • Bad skin / premature aging
  • Low energy / chronic fatigue
  • Poor sleep / insomnia
  • Staying on track with healthy eating
  • Feeling stressed or depressed?
  • Poor concentration
  • Mood swings
  • Bladder or kidney problems
  • Dull skin, eczema, acne or psoriasis
  • Brittle hair and nails
  • Frequent infections, colds, yeast infections
  • Allergies
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • High cholesterol
  • Heart disease
  • Cancer
  • Depression

If You’ve Ever Struggled With Diet, Health or Weight Loss Then You’re in the Right Place & I’m Here to Help You

The fact is that all of these diseases and conditions are PREVENTABLE with proper diet, nutrition and healthy lifestyle – following an ‘Alkaline Diet’.

So What is the Alkaline Diet?

It’s a sensible and long-term approach to diet & lifestyle, based around maintaining your body’s natural & optimum pH of 7.35 – slightly alkaline.

Why Should You Care?

In short, harmful acidifying foods (the vast majority of foods we eat in the Standard Western Diet) and activities damage your health and make you sick and overweight.

The Scary Part…

You probably don’t even know how bad these things are because of media and food industry propaganda, but you should know that following an alkaline diet & lifestyle is one of the very best things you can do for your health and vitality!

What Are the Consequences of An Acidic Diet?

  • A bodily state of emergency – struggling to maintain alkaline blood pH
  • Alkaline buffer systems activated – storing fat, leeching calcium from bones
  • Pouting acid out through the skin – eczema, acne, athlete’s foot
  • Yeast infections – candida
  • Fungus/mould growth
  • Parasites living, feeding & breathing in your body
  • Shutting down of faculties – mental & physical lethargy

Or worse…

The majority of people suffer with one or more of these things. In fact, we are living in what the World Health Organisation calls the ‘Global Burden of Disease’. The big 3 diseases are hugely prevalent:

  • Cancer
  • Heart Disease
  • Diabetes

They affect ALL countries, across ALL income groups and classes

Benefits of Adopting an Alkaline Lifestyle:

  • Illness & disease prevention
  • Easy, sustained weight loss
  • Loads of energy!
  • Great sleep
  • Great skin, hair, nails, eyes…
  • Anti-ageing
  • Optimum health & vitality

The Alkaline Diet is About…

Eating alkalizing foods to help the body easily maintain correct blood pH. Also, engaging in lifestyle activities

that promote an alkaline environment in the body

Incorporating Into Your Lifestyle…

  • Lots of raw vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Healthy oils
  • Pure, clean water
  • Exercise & good breathing
  • + Eliminating acidic toxins


If you’re like many people, you may struggle to make and stick to the necessary lifestyle changes in order to maintain alkaline balance.

Common Problems

Maybe you think it sounds boring or that’s for vegans and hippies? Many people say they have a lack of time to focus on dietary changes. Others ask: How do I know what to eat? How so I stay motivated? How do I get started? Well I’ve created a health system called ‘Alkaline Diet Vitality’ that you’ll love!

Laura, I’m totally new to the alkaline diet thing. After 6 months of incredible stomach/esophageal problems, and 3 months of doctoring, a friend suggested the alkaline diet and some supplements to try and find relief. After just 2-3 weeks on a strict alkaline diet and taking a regimen of supplements, my stomach and severe GERD symptoms are already much better…thank you for the great resource.
Dave Stanzel, USA

The Best Kept Secret to Unlocking Your Optimum Health & Attaining the Life YOU Desire is Here!

Just imagine for a moment…

Picture what it would feel like if you were your ideal weight, had an amazing glow in your skin, a spring in your step, boundless energy to do all the things you’d love to do. How amazing would that be? No more health worries or feeling stressed or tired. Imagine how wonderful each day would be for you! Imagine what you’d achieve and how vibrant and happy you’d feel.

Well, I’m happy to say that the life of your dreams is not so far away, thanks to the Alkaline Diet Vitality system I have created for you…

So Who Am I?

My name is Laura Wilson and I’ve been helping thousands of people just like you to improve their diet and health over the past 10 years via my Alkaline Diet Health Tips website.

Each month, hundreds of people laura-wilson-alkaline-diet-health-tips-fitness-fun-collage2download my free Alkaline Diet Transition Recipe Book, you may already have it yourself.

I’ve been in your shoes (at least partially). I know what it’s like to have poor health, feel lethargic and older than you really are and unhappy with your body. But then, I saw the light. I discovered health and fitness and more importantly, a wonderful approach to health that changed my life. And, that’s what I’m here to share with you today.

I am a qualified health professional – I worked for the UK National Health Service, managing the medical research for 2 years, I also am an advanced fitness instructor (teaching fitness and dance for 2 years) and an athlete. I’ve competed in around 50 endurance running events, such as marathons and olympic triathlons and I give great credit to the alkaline diet in helping me achieve my health and fitness goals.

I have been studying health and nutrition now for over 10 years and it’s my passion and purpose to share this important information with you and many others.

Here’s the No.1 question my subscribers ask me all the time:

“How Do I Cure My Diabetes / Cancer / Cholitis / Acid Reflux /

[Insert Your Illness Here]”

And here’s the No.1 most common feedback I get from my subscribers:

“Laura, Since I’ve Switched to the Alkaline Diet My Health Problems Have Disappeared!”

It’s true! I get e-mails and comments on my website all the time from people who say that they have suffered with some illness or disease or other for years and then they discovered the alkaline diet, my site and my ebooks, implemented what they learnt and saw RADICAL health improvements in a short period of time! It really amazes me every time! Only last week, a friend of mine from my salsa classes rang me up to thank me for introducing him to wheatgrass juice (a highly alkaline supplement). He said that since becoming more alkaline, he has stopped taking his asthma drugs, which he’s been on for over 20 years! (He used to have asthma attacks every time he didn’t take his medication before.)

Similarly, another friend who was diagnosed as diabetic told me that his condition has been ‘cured’ since making a few simple changes to his diet and fitness!

My Dad (who’s 66) says that since eating more raw veg and making my smoothie recipes every day now feels 10 years younger and plays badminton like a 30 year old every week!

I love stories like this! They are so inspiring and I get TONNES of them!

I have been living an Alkaline Diet and Lifestyle since 2006. I am 47 years old and feel like a teenager – very strong and healthy. I felt sick and tired 6 years ago. Now my Cancer is eradicated! Laura is a great testimony to all the young women of this world to change to an Alkaline Diet and lifestyle!
Fausto Guerra, Durango, Mexico

How Come the Alkaline Diet is So Powerful?

  • Dr Linus Pauling (2-time Nobel Prize winner) was the first to show that cancer cells cannot grow in alkaline environments!Dr_Robert_Young-alkaline-diet-health-tips
  • He stated that cells mutate in an acidic environment & CANNOT in an alkaline environment
  • Dr Robert O Young (leading alkaline diet researcher and author of the ‘The pH Miracle’ says that our blood is the ‘river of life’ and needs to be maintained at a slightly alkaline pH. Blood is your body’s liquid environment – pollute it & you’ll get sick!

If This Really Works, How Come It’s Not Common Knowledge?

  • The first is that your doctor is an expert in disease. They’re taught to fight diseases and symptoms with traditional, pharmaceutical medicine – that in the case of many diseases doesn’t really cure it. It doesn’t address the deeper issues as to what causes your body to destroy itself in the first place.
  • Secondly, the drugs companies have a vested interest in keeping us in a state of below-par health and on medications – it’s big business.

3 Reasons Why You DON’T Want to Use the Medicines Your Doctor Prescribes For You

  • There are over 784,000 iatrogenic deaths annually – induced inadvertently by a physician or by medical treatment or diagnostic procedures. Comparatively, the 2001 annual death rate for heart disease was 699,697 and the annual death rate for cancer was 553,251 (Nutrition Institute of America (2003) “Death by Medicine”)
  • 17% of ALL Hospital Admissions are caused by the Side Effects of Drugs administered by an MD (
  • The number of people having in-hospital, adverse drug reactions (ADR) to prescribed medicine is 2.2 million (Nutrition Institute of America (2003) “Death by Medicine”)


Yes you read it right:

There are 784,000 Deaths Induced Inadvertently by a Physician or By Medical Treatment Each Year!

Prescribed medicines are hugely acidic to our bodies

Over the past 10 years, in my quest to find out about optimum health & nutrition. I have been both delighted and horrified: Delighted with the results I’ve seen in my own life from implementing the things I’ve discovered – amazing energy, looking younger, sustained weight loss and fitness and also the results of other people I’ve helped to follow a more alkaline diet.

But I’ve also been horrified that the medical and food industries want to keep us acidic and lethargic and do not make it easy for us to follow an alkaline lifestyle! It’s one of the biggest conspiracies out there. There is no secret or complex cure for cancer, heart disease and all the other host of diseases. Deep down, we all know the truth…

Quite Simply, You Are What You Eat

With that in mind and feeling passionately about this topic (so much so that I quit my well-paid job working in medical research) I was inspired to set up in 2008 and to create a comprehensive system for achieving optimum health through following the alkaline diet.

I surveyed my many thousands of subscribers (maybe you were one?) to find out what their health frustrations were, what they struggled with in adopting an alkaline lifestyle and how I could help them.

I spent many months interviewing health experts – chiropractors, doctors, naturopaths, personal trainers then spent many more months creating my Alkaline Diet Vitality system and Recipe Books.

I Created Alkaline Diet Vitality with Three Criteria in Mind – It Must Be Simple, Practical and Help You Achieve Your Optimum Health Easily…

Alkaline Diet Vitality is quite simply an amazing set of resources (if I do say so myself!). I’ve put a lot of time and care into it. I surveyed what else is out there in the alkaline diet eBook and resource world and aimed to go one better: Giving you a comprehensive but supremely practical set of tools and guides in different forms of media – downloadable PDF manuals, recipe books, audio MP3s and videos, to assist your learning, action and success.

So What Do I Get in the Alkaline Diet Vitality Package?

  • 10 powerful resources
  • 6 valuable bonusesalkaline diet vitality
  • Manuals, 2 recipe books, audios, videos, quick start guide, fitness guides, 10-Week Turnaround’ plan, expert interviews and more…


  • Quite simply – your improved health, vitality and fitness – guaranteed.
  • You can access the content online at any time
  • It’s easy to navigate
  • Digital files – easy to download all resources
  • Don’t have to worry about lost downloads
  • Email support
  • Connect with other members
  • Lifetime access and free updates of new materials

Click Here To Get Started With Alkaline Diet Vitality

Answering Your Questions About My Alkaline Diet Vitality System

Will I Feel Deprived?

In short, no…

  • There are 64 delicious recipes in the ADV recipe book
  • 12 tasty smoothies – great for breakfast
  • Mainly adjustments rather than deprivation – e.g. switching olive oil for coconut oil
  • Your body will feel satisfied for longer
  • Getting the full spectrum of nutrients, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, protein amino acids and tastes!

Is it Hard to Stay Motivated?

  • There are 10 Manuals, videos, audios, recipe books and quick start guide to help you stay motivated
  • Opportunity to connect with an ‘Alkaline Buddy’ to stay accountable and support eachother
  • Can share with family member
  • It’s about establishing good routines that become second nature
  • It’s in plain English, easy and fun!

Is it Expensive to Buy the Foods & Supplements?

  • No, A lot of the foods you can buy pretty cheaply in your local supermarket
  • In fact, a lot is cheaper than processed foods,meat, dairy and acidic foods
  • You can order organic veg box from local farmer’s market at reasonable price
  • Supplements – wiser to spend your money on high quality supplements like wheatgrass than on clothes, cars and material goods!
  • Involves a slight mindset shift – valuing proper nutrition above some other life ‘luxuries’

Will I Have to Give up Cooked Foods & Comfort Foods?

  • No, it’s all about balance – 70:30 alkaline : acidic
  • There are guides & recipe books to help you reduce your acidic food intake
  • It’s not just about what you eat – lots of other alkaline lifestyle practices too
  • Emotional, fitness, metal and physical well being are addressed too – will help with reducing cravings for acidic comfort foods

Will I Have to Give up Meat & Dairy?

  • Meat & dairy are two of the most acidifying food groups out there, so it is a good idea to cut back on them a lot, if not eliminate them altogether
  • But remember, 70:30 balance is fine
  • My delicious recipes and ’10-Week Turnaround’ success journal will guide and support you
  • If you really enjoy dairy products, let me ask you this:

Would You Like Some Pus in Your Milk? No? You Get it Anyway…

Mastitis is a persistent, inflammatory reaction of the udder tissue in cows. Milk from cows suffering from mastitis has an increased somatic cell count, which basically means there is pus and blood in the milk you drink. Somatic cell count allowances are one million (1,000,000) cells per milliliter. Check it out on Wikipedia, the FDA and PETA’s ‘Got Pus’ campaign.

Still fancy that glass of milk?

What if I Don’t Have Much Time?

  • The ADV guides are easy to read & implement
  • ADV doesn’t go deep into complicated science
  • It’s much more practical than theoretical
  • You can access online at any time – dip in and out as you please
  • There’s an easy 10-week plan – implement one new thing per week
  • Start with quick start guide – you can be on path to alkalizing in less than 40 minutes!

What if I Already Have The pH Miracle Book?

  • Great! Dr Robert young’s book is a great accompaniment to ADV!
  • pH Miracle looks at a lot of the science – can be confusing
  • It’s not as easy to digest as or as practical as ADV online course
  • Are you implementing all that is advocated in The pH Miracle?
  • ADV is more of a step-by-step and holistic approach to alkaline diet health
  • Many people just do not succeed with The pH Miracle alone

How Much Does Alkaline Diet Vitality Cost?

You have to ask – compared to what?…

  • Personal trainer – $50 per session x 10 weeks = $500 PLUS…
  • Nutritionist – $100 per session x 10 weeks = $1,000
  • You could easily spend $1,500 following a personal trainers and nutritionist’s programme over 10 weeks – ADV is a fraction of this cost and you get it for life!
  • How much will it cost you in health, energy, productivity and happiness if you don’t get ADV?
  • Health insurance & medical care $$$$!
  • ADV is much cheaper in comparison
  • The price will eventually go up to $297 and it has sold in the $$$$$s at $97 but it will be available at a greatly discounted price for a finite period only.

Is The Alkaline Diet Sustainable?

  • Absolutely! An acidic diet is non-sustainable
  • It’s an approach to lifestyle and eating, rather than a fad diet
  • 70:30 means that there is room to have treats and ‘naughty’ foods in moderation
  • Involves a lot of minor shifts that, over time, make a massive difference to your health
  • It’s about prevention rather than cure
  • ADV gives a lot of techniques and strategies that you can adopt for life

What if My Family Won’t Engage in a More Alkaline Lifestyle?

  • Set a good example – when they see the improvements in your health & happiness, they will become curious
  • You have ADV to support you 🙂
  • They may want to make changes when the time is right for them
  • You can share ADV with one family member – this may encourage them
  • The more they learn about alkaline diet and the health and vitality benefits and the dangers of an acidic diet, the more they may want to make some changes too.

What Are Some Other Benefits of ADV?

  • Improved feelings of self esteem
  • Improved sex life!
  • You’ll look and feel younger and have great skin!
  • Greater productivity in work and business – earnings increase
  • You can earn a passive income through our affiliate programme
  • You will set and achieve your goals pretty effortlessly!

Never Before Has the Attainment of a Smooth, Clear Beautiful Complexion Been as Simple & inexpensive As Now

Amazingly, after following the alkaline diet and taking regular exercise, I now look younger than I did in my mid 20s. I have literally seen fine lines on my face disappear and I regularly get mistaken for being 10 years younger than I am…A nice side effect of this wonderful diet, hey!

I have received the book Laura, thank you. You are marvellous and I do appreciate this information and am so so happy and from my heart… I am a Chemist with long experience as water quality control trained at Perrier water in France. Only recently I started to understand the concept you are talking about (after I read the pH Miracle for Weight Loss By Dr. Robert Young). As for myself I started 9 months ago applying the Alkaline Diet plus drinking alkaline ionised water and I am having amazing results. Thank you so much.
Yahia Osman, Chemist


What you get:

Alkaline Diet Vitality Membership

  • Lifetime access for you PLUS 1 family member
  • New features & documents will be added over time
  • Your own 1-stop alkaline diet resource and guidance site
  • Log in at any time to download docs  & resources
  • Very easy to navigate
  • No need to worry about lost downloads
  • List of resources & where to buy alkaline supplements/products
  • Ability to leave feedback & connect with other members

Valued at $197


RESOURCE #1: Alkaline Diet Vitality Manual


  • Easy to read / understand ebook to help you get on track with the alkaline diet
  • Lots of practical advice
  • Distilled high-level science and put into easy-to-digest format
  • I’ve done all the research for you so you don’t have to!
  • 10 Pillars of Alkaline Vitality
  • Clarifying your goals
  • Testing pH
  • Exercise & stretching
  • What to eat – sprouting, supplements, food combining
  • Alkalising your home
  • Written in plain, engaging English

Valued at $97


RESOURCE #2: Alkaline Diet Vitality Recipe Book

  • 64 sumptuous alkaline recipes
  • Hot meals as well as raw
  • Wide variety of tastes and ingredients – soups, stir-fries, alkaline porridge etc
  • Easy to prepare
  • Delicious & interesting
  • Breakfasts
  • Light meals
  • Main Meals
  • Sweet Treats
  • Dips & Sauces
  • Breads & Crackers

Valued at $47

Click Here to Start Your Journey into Amazing Health & Vitality

 RESOURCE #3: 10-Week Transformation Success Journal

  • Weekly plan and work sheets
  • Covers 10 pillars of alkaline vitality
  • Focus on new area each week
  • Simple and effective
  • 10 weeks to establish a solid, healthy regime
  • Covers all aspects of alkaline health & lifestyle, not just diet
  • Step-by-step instructions & actions

Valued at $47

RESOURCE #4: Alkaline Energy Green Smoothies Recipe Book

  • 12 delicious & filling recipes
  • Easy to prepare in less than 10 minutes
  • Calories listed to aid weight control
  • Variety of sweet & savoury
  • Easy to find/buy ingredients
  • Great breakfast choices
  • Maximum nutrients absorbed
  • Easy way to get at least 4 alkaline ingredients
  • Aids weight loss and muscle growth
  • Great pre and post-workout meal choice
  • Colourful photos

Valued at $37



RESOURCE #5: Alkaline Fitness Guides

  • Suitable for your fitness levels and ability
  • Holistic approach to fitness – not just ‘working out’
  • Comprehensive & practical
  • Aids a happy, balanced lifestyle
  • Formulated & approved by qualified fitness instructor
  • 4 Guides address different areas of fitness
  • Part 1: Assessing Where You Are
  • Part 2: Body & Diet Fitness
  • Part 3: Mind & Emotional Fitness
  • Part 4: Lifestyle Fitness

Valued at $67

RESOURCE #6: Alkaline Diet Superfoods Report

  • 12 of the world’s top, amazing superfoods revealed
  • Phenomenal nutritional benefits given
  • Photos of all superfoods
  • How to eat them, where to buy them
  • Bonus: Common superfoods listed too
  • Superb way to add variety to your diet
  • Flavourful and energising
  • Eating these is your health insurance policy
  • All foods recommended by world’s top raw nutritionists

Valued at $27




RESOURCE #7: 11 Habits of Highly Effective Alkaline Dieters – Quick Start Guide

  • 11 extremely easy and implementable actions
  • SUPER-powerful strategies
  • You will not find this information in any other document – my own secret combination of techniques for alkaline success!
  • Step-by-step actions to take each day
  • Follow these and you will feel amazing – guaranteed!
  • Years of research, seminars attendance, reading, implementation & testing condensed into 1 short, simple guide
  • You can do any of these where you are, right now and for FREE

Valued at $27



RESOURCE #8: Audio Book – 11 Habits of Highly Effective Alkaline Dieters

  • High quality MP3 audio version of the ’11 Habits…’ book
  • Great quick start guide – can listen in less than 40 minutes
  • Burn to CD, listen online, listen in MP3 player, in your car, whilst walking or shopping…
  • Great motivation
  • Read by author, Laura Wilson
  • Super powerful strategies and actions
  • Increases learning and likelihood of following the actions by being able to listen as well as read

Valued at $27

RESOURCE #9: Happiness! A Guide to Lasting Fulfillment

  • Will help you have an increased sense of wellbeing and fulfilment
  • Being happy and fulfilled is highly alkaline!
  • Mental health positively affects physical health
  • Why happiness is a choice
  • Key questions to ask yourself for improved happiness
  • Cultivating peak experiences and existing talents
  • Using curiosity & creativity
  • Barriers to your happiness
  • Easy and powerful goal Setting
  • Turning passions and goals into reality

Valued at $27



RESOURCE #10: Food Diary & Calorie Recorder

  • Excel spreadsheet
  • Calculates total calories consumed
  • ‘What gets measured gets done’
  • Allows you to keep track of improvements, patterns and challenges
  • Helps you work out your calorific needs for weight loss, maintenance and gain
  • Easy to use
  • Different table for each day of the week

Valued at $27


RESOURCE #11: Alkaline Diet Foods List

  • Easily tabulated and colour coded format
  • Can take shopping and stick on your fridge
  • More comprehensive than most other lists out there
  • Your reliable blueprint and reference point
  • Permission to share with friends and family
  • 2 pages of alkaline, acidic and borderline foods listed
  • Acidity & alkalinity determined by how the body metabolises the food, not how it is in physical form – correct way to measure

Valued at $17



RESOURCE #12: Alkaline Diet ‘Buddy’

  • Ability to team up with a fellow Alkaline Diet Vitality customer
  • Good for accountability
  • Support eachother
  • Connect with like-minded people
  • Help you to stay on track
  • Could make good friends for life!
  • Building our community
  • Optional feature
  • Can exchange e-mail and phone details if desired
  • Mail laura[@]alkaline-diet-health-tips to arrange

Valued at $47


Laura! I love the 10-Week Turanaround! Thank you so much. I’ve made such a difference in my life in just a few weeks. The recipes are lovely too and I am doing the ’11 Habits’ you suggest. Wonderful, wonderful! Bless you.
Jeanette Simpson - Sydney, Australia

BONUS #1: ‘Your Best Health Ever’ Vitality Interview Mp3

  • Interview with top health expert, speaker, author, healer & personal trainer Matthew Armstrong
  • Matthew has helped many hundreds of people reach great health and their optimum weight, his advice can help you too
  • Advice for overcoming stress in the current financial climate
  • MP3 format – can listen online, dowload to MP3 player, burn to CD, listen in your car, at the gym, walking…

Valued at $17





BONUS #2: The Science of Being Well

  • Wallace D Wattles’ classic and extraordinary health book
  • How to use the Law of Attraction to get well, be well & stay well
  • Radical when it was published in 1910, and it is radical today
  • Very powerful map for your good health
  • You’ll discover the Principle of Good Health
  • Strategies on what to eat, when to eat, how to eat, how to think…

Valued at $17




BONUS #3: Alkaline Diet White Paper

  • Short, easy-to-understand paper on the science behind acid-alkaline balance
  • Scientific research evidence
  • Discusses acid/alkaline balance
  • What acidosis is and how prevalent it is
  • The chemistry of digestion
  • Which minerals are alkaline
  • Outlines the befeits of green drinks
  • Separates the facts from the fads

Valued at $17



BONUS #4: Access to 50% Commission Referral Programme

  • Earn 40% commission by recommending ADV to your family, friends and associates
  • Recurring monthly passive income
  • Affiliate sales can be very lucrative – great online business opportunity for you
  • Lots of affiliate tools, banners and resources to help you promote
  • Own unique link which will generate commissions for you
  • Make only 2 sales and it pays for your Alkaline Diet Vitality membership package
  • Help others to lead a healthier lifestyle and be rewarded for it

Valued at $Unlimited!


All of this!

Alkaline Diet Vitality Package


This is A Very Rare Opportunity For You to Experience What Others Will Just Dream About. I Sincerely Hope You Recognise & Take Advantage of It

paypal_addtocartRemember, you get:

  • Alkaline Diet Vitality Manual (80+ pages)
  • Alkaline Diet Vitailty Recipe Book (60+ recipes)
  • 10-Week Transformation Success Journal
  • Alkaline Energy Green Smoothies Recipe Book
  • Alkaline Fitness Guides (4 separate manuals)
  • Alkaline Diet Superfoods Report
  • Quick Start Guide – 11 Habits of Highly Effective Alkaline Dieters
  • Audio Programme – 11 Habits of Highly Effective Alkaline Dieters
  • Happiness! A Guide to Lasting Fulfillment
  • Food Diary & Calorie Recorder
  • Alkaline Diet Foods List
  • Alkaline ‘Buddy’


  • Vitality Interview – “Your Best Health Ever”
  • The Science of Being Well eBook
  • Alkaline Diet White Paper
  • Access to Alkaline Diet Vitality Referral/Affiliate Programme


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your Alkaline Diet Vitality membership package then simply send me an e-mail requesting a refund and I will give you all of your money back, guaranteed.

(Regular Price $297 $97)

Limited time only



Purchase Alkaline Diet Vitality at the Limited Special Offer Price

Laura Wilson – Nutritionist, Author & Health Coach

P.S. The price will be going back up to $97 at some point very soon. If you buy today, you receive all the resources and bonuses at a heavily discounted price. Grab it while you still can!

P.P.S Imagine, for a moment, that it’s a year on from today. How healthy and vital are you feeling? Remember, if you continue to eat in the same way, you’re going to get the same result.

P.P.P.S As soon as you make your payment, you will be sent your login details to access our secure members area and all of your downloads.