Recipe – Vegan Meatballs / Meat Loaf

I've had many of my coaching clients and subscribers ask for a recipe for a meat replacement, and wisely so: The alternative when you want something 'meaty' and plant-based is to scour your local health food shop for some sausage-like processed fake meat or Tofurky soy-based isolate, chemical laden and expensive product! Hurrah for wheat

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New Video Series – The Word on Health

[SCROLL DOWN TO WATCH VIDEO BELOW] I am creating a new video series called "The Word on Health". I get many e-mails asking questions about different things such as protein, apples - are they alkaline, best vegan/alkaline milks, different vegetables, eating out etc. In the video series, I am going to take your one word

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6 Tips That Make Being A Vegan Easy

[SCROLL DOWN TO WATCH VIDEO BELOW] I meet and speak to a LOT of people who say they’d like to try veganism or turn fully vegan but they think that it’ll be just too difficult. Few people are convinced that being vegan is an easy switch to make. Obviously, it’s a decision

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