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The alkaline diet, also known as the pH balance diet, is based around keeping your body’s blood pH optimised at around 7.365 by eating alkaline foods (and drinks) and avoiding acidic foods and drinks. Following this premise is the basis of great health and going against it is the basis of disease.

Amazing Alkaline Diet Fact:

Maintaining proper alkaline balance, by eating more alkaline foods and reducing acidic foods, increases the oxygen in your body. The Nobel Prize winning work of Dr Otto Warburg in 1931 showed that cells weaken, mutate, or die in the absence of oxygen. Several years later, two-time Nobel Prize winner Dr Linus Pauling was the first to show that cancer cells are unable grow in an oxygen-rich, alkaline environment. Therefore, oxygenated cells promoted good health and Oxygen-depleted cells promotes ill health.

I set this site and our sister site up – www.AlkalineDietHealthTips.com – in 2008, to provide guidance for people wanting to cut through the noise of faddy diets and false advertising about health and get to the real essence of what we need to be eating to achieve not only better health and healing but what I call Excellent Health (see below for definition of this).

We now have a community of over 10,000 subscribers worldwide, who have downloaded our FREE Alkaline Recipes eBook and watched our alkaline diet online video training 5-part course (subscribe now to claim your copy of these if you haven’t done so already). I receive thousands of e-mails and comments each year to say that this information and the alkaline diet has not only helped their health but totally transformed it for the better.

Laura, I’m totally new to the alkaline diet thing. After 6 months of incredible stomach/esophageal problems, and 3 months of doctoring, a friend suggested the alkaline diet and some supplements to try and find relief. After just 2-3 weeks on a strict alkaline diet and taking a regimen of supplements, my stomach and severe GERD symptoms are already much better…thank you for the great resource.”Dave Stanzel

Discover the benefits of the alkaline diet today for excellent heaklth adn weight control

I am always so heartened to hear these stories – people coming off of long-term medications, being free of diseases that have plagued them for years, defying the doctor’s negative prognoses and generally getting back a zest for life that they never thought possible.

Alkaline Diet Health Tips was borne out of a real passion for health and fitness that I have and also strong feelings against the way conventional medicine tackles the issue of health: Having spent two years managing the medical research in my local health service, I saw a lot of things that just did not align with promoting good health but rather with a more financial agenda.

I’ve researched and implemented many ‘healthy eating’ regimes over the past 15 years and the alkaline diet is the one which makes the most sense, has the most enduring and prolific evidence-based research and has the most dramatic positive affect on health over both the short and long term… Just try doing a 10-day juice cleanse to see what I mean.

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Personally, I have seen some dramatic results in my own life by eating more alkaline foods and cutting back on acidic foods:

In my teens and early 20’s, I was unfit, unhealthy, uninspired and lethargic. Now, I have lost weight, gained massive fitness, look and feel years younger than I am, gained confidence, have the energy and vitality to salsa dance, run a business and health seminars without feeling stressed, sing in a band, knocked an hour off of my marathon-running time and generally feel much more happy, healthy and fulfilled.

The 5 Elements of Excellent Health

  • Absence of disease and ailments – both physical and mental.
  • A body that is strong and fit and neither under nor overweight.
  • A mind that it strong and experiences a full range of emotions but positive emotions and a sense of purpose in life dominate.
  • An over-riding sense of security in one’s own ability to handle the challenges that life throws at you and therefore an absence of negative stress.
  • An enthusiasm for and sense of connection with the world, people and all things.


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