Comparison between The Alkaline Gourmet Package and Alkaline-5 Diet

Comparison between The Alkaline Gourmet Package and Alkaline-5 Diet 2017-06-23T09:48:24+00:00

The Alkaline Gourmet Package is a set of recipe e-book which offers subscribers over 350 healthy, natural, yet yummy and delicious recipes. All of these were carefully mixed and matched to cater the healthy needs of the subscriber. It consists of simple alkalizing recipes which can taste great at the same time.

There are 4 books basically but when you buy the package you’ll get 3 more books for free. First off is the ‘Enhanced Alkaline Meals Plan and Recipe’ book which consists of 50 recipes and a 14 days meal plan and has a retail price of $24.97. The ‘Alkaline Salat Gourmet’ book which consists of different salad recipes all over the globe and also will provide you with 10 tasty, natural salad dressings for you to mix match. Same as the first book, it’s retail price is $24.97. Furthermore, there is the ‘Alkaline Avocado Delight’ which basically focuses on avocado dishes that acts mainly as antioxidants for the body. It has a retail price of $24.97. Lastly, is the ‘Alkaline Green Smoothies’ which consists of 50 green smoothie recipes for energy boosting and alkalizing your body and has a retail price of $19.97.

Furthermore you’ll get 3 more addon e-books for free if you’ll purchase the whole package. First is the ‘Gourmet Italian Delights’ which contains 50 amazing authentic Italian recipes for you to choose from. Not only that you’ll get 20 earthy comforting entrees and learn Italian sauces. Retail price is $24.97. Second is the ‘Gourmet Fruit Ice cream recipes’ in which you’ll get creamy fruit ice creams with no preservatives with a retail price of $19.97. And lastly, is the ‘Natural Juicing Recipes’ with 50 natural blends to choose from which acts as an alkalizing ph booster and with a retail price of $19.97

There are 350 recipes all in all with over 10 categories. And you’ll also get how to make vegan sauces and simple step by step instructions for each healthy recipe. The package price is $159.79 and you’ll get the addon cookbooks for FREE. But the price has dropped to $47 for limited amount of time.

Now, let’s proceed to the Alkaline-5 Diet System. We already knew that alkaline diet is a diet based around eating lots of alkaline foods which balances pH level. With the Alkaline-5 diet system you’ll discover the convenient way to eat healthy, how to eat healthy in an alkaline on a budget, how to eat and suppress your fat genes, and the 2 secret weapon foods that will keep you satisfied and suppress any cravings for junk foods.

The new alkaline 5 diet includes a 42 page alkaline diet guide book, The full color alkaline 5 diet recipe guide with 19 printable meal photo cards and shopping list, a 20 minute video explaining the 5 meals, and a handy easy to follow info-graphic like poster that you can print for everyday reference. Another plus is that you’re given access to their private members-only Facebook group.

You can grab a copy by just downloading the package file from their secure online member’s area for a value of $47 with a lifetime access.

In comparison, The Alkaline Gourmet package is mainly a package of recipes not a program. Unlike the Alkaline-5 diet which is basically a systematized day to day program for the subscribers. The Alkaline Gourmet package is for people who’re only looking for healthy alternatives to their everyday meals and it’s not for persons who wanted to have a systematized program for their diet.

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