The Dangers Of Aspartame

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What is aspartame? It’s an artificial sweetener found in most low-calorie products or what they so call “sugar-free” or diet products like your diet colas, fruit drinks and many others. It‘s a nasty chemical, made up of a concoction of 50% phenylalanine, 40% aspartic acid and 10% methanol, which is a recipe for horrible effects on your body.

Let’s look a little deeper into the contents of this artificial sweetener. First is ‘phenylalanine’. It is one of the essential amino acids in proteins that need to be eaten in combination and not isolated. People don’t often know that this is a neurotoxin and excessive use of this substance, which hasthe highest percentage in aspartame, can excite your brain neurons to the point of cellular death. Also excessive phenylalanine in your brain can cause your serotonin levels to decrease, which can lead to depression.

Next is ‘aspartic acid’. It is a non-essential amino acid which means our bodies produce this substance on its own. This amino acid is useful in moderate levels since it helps cell function. But what happenswhen you consume much more aspartic acid in concentrated form from your aspartame-containing drinks? It can over-stimulate certain neurons in your body until they basically die. Too much of this amino acid can imbalance your body’s amino acid content and will negatively affect the normal function of your brain.

Lastly is ‘methanol’, which is also called ‘wood alcohol’ and is commonly used as an organic solvent because of its toxicity. Imagine a high concentration of of methanol distributed to your body whenever you ingest this artificial sweetener…When you eat vegetables and fruits, methanol is bonded to fiber and it safely allows it to pass in your digestive system. However in aspartame it is not bonded to anything for elimination. So what happened instead? The distributed methanol becomes formaldehyde and this substance enters your cells and then binds to proteins and also in your DNA.

Methanol is a well-known carcinogen, it can cause retinal damage to your eyes and DNA interference.

Furthermore, other effects of aspartame are headaches, behavioral changes, hallucinations, dizziness, muscle spasms, weight gain (ironically – it’s touted as a ‘low-calorie’ product but it actually causes you to crave carbohydrates and you can often end up eating more than you would have if you’d have just eaten a sugary food in the first place), fatigue, rashes, breathing difficulties, anxiety attacks and also many other worse illnesses like brain tumors, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, mental retardation and of course diabetes. Not only that it can also cause birth defects since the substance phenylalanine can stimulate the placenta and can affect the fetus’ developing brain. This can result in mental retardation and abnormalities.

The resounding consensus on aspartame is that it’s a nasty, horrible, dangerous substance used widely and recklessly by the food industry and YOU SHOULD ELIMINATE IT FORM YOUR DIET RIGHT AWAY, FOREVER MORE.

Please cut this out of your diet or you will suffer the consequences. You can start by removing all those sugar-free products with aspartame on your daily diet; you can then detoxify yourself by eating healthy. Exercise regularly and get a lot of rest, drink a lot of water since this will help wash out those unwanted substances in your body and lastly incorporate fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet. Vigilance is very important in disciplining yourself not to take aspartame-containing drinks, since it is in so many common products.

The easiest way to eliminate aspartame and other harmful chemical additives, colours, flavours and preservatives is to eat freshly-prepared foods and drink only water, fresh fruit and veg juices and herbal teas.

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