I am creating a new video series called “The Word on Health”. I get many e-mails asking questions about different things such as protein, apples – are they alkaline, best vegan/alkaline milks, different vegetables, eating out etc.

In the video series, I am going to take your one word each week and discuss it – giving my best tips and dietary information to help you eat healthy and alkaline.

To have me discuss your word, please go to our community Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/alkalinediethealth

Please enter ONE word; for example – protein, milk, broccoli, sugar, fat, eating out, socialising, calories, running, sleep etc. I will give my advice on each word, in the context of eating a healthy alkaline diet and living a healthy lifestyle to promote prevention and reversal of disease as well as weight loss and anti-aging and maximum energy.

This will be a regular series, so please enter your word and I am likely to get to it sooner or later, especially if it’s a popular one. If your word is already chosen by someone else, click like on it, so that it gets covered sooner – I’ll do the most popular choices first.

Watch my short intro video on The Word On Health series here:

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