To Drink or Not to Drink Alcohol


Last week I was in London for a summer party, hosted by my publisher Hay House and there was lots of free alcohol.

I was going to drink, but I decided to abstain.

Let me ask you, do you drink alcohol much? How does it make you feel? Are you able to drink in moderation? Or are you teetotal?

Alcohol is something I’ve been ambivalent about for a few years: Do I drink or not? How much is ok?
Is it a sign of a weak character to drink? Is it inhibiting my spiritual growth? Does it impact my sports performance? Or does it have a place in a healthy lifestyle and social setting if I just have one or two?

In the past year, I have only drank about one drink per month on average, which is very moderate by most people’s standards but I am beginning to think that even this might be too much. Watch my video I recorded in Hyde Park, London for you here about drinking alcohol and let me know what you think…

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