Vegan Comfort Foods From Around the World vs. Alkaline-5 Diet

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Vegan Comfort Foods from around the world is a book which includes a collection of 60+ amazing comfort food recipes. Is claims that comfort foods bring people together that’s why these mouth-watering healthy recipes are made for every day life.

The benefits of this book is that it provides consumers with a detailed array of different vegan recipes, which can help to save a lot of money from buying gourmet and expensive vegan foods from restaurants. It will keep spouses, kids, and friends happy as well since they’re enjoying what they’re eating and as the emphasis is on social eating. All the recipes are claimed to be oil free but full of flavor and so the unique recipes adhere to the 80/10/10 ratio of macronutrients for best health – 80% carbohydrates, 10% protein and 10% fats. This will help keep you lean, energized and healthy.

The recipes are all plant-based, cooked from scratch, designed with taste first in order to meet the consumers wants in terms of flavor and are McDougall and Furhman Diets approved, MOSTLY gluten free, each recipe tastes different from one another, each recipe has a beautiful sample photo of it, and also nutritional information is provided for each comfort vegan recipe.

This e-book has 149 pages and contains over 60 great low-fat vegan, comfort food recipes from around the world. They are all claimed to be oil free, low in fat and very detailed. It includes the following articles: How To Cook Basic Side Dishes, Comfort Foods From the Americas, Comfort Foods From Europe and Asia, Comfort Sauces/Gravies/Dips and a Bonus Recipes and Material.

It costs around $37 before but has been discounted to $24.95. The e-book PDF version has (151 pages) of Vegan Comfort Foods from around the World with over 60 recipes, to use on your mobile devices and is instantly downloadable ($27 value). A second PDF version with no photos to be used for printing out has $9.99 value and also the mobile version for your Kindle device ($9.99 value) is available. Lastly the .epub version for all other tablet and e-reading devices has $9.99 value also.

Now, let’s proceed to the Alkaline-5 Diet System. We already knew that alkaline diet is a diet based around eating lots of alkaline foods which balances pH level. With the Alkaline-5 diet system you’ll discover the convenient way to eat healthy, how to eat healthy in an alkaline on a budget, how to eat and suppress your fat genes, and the 2 secret weapon foods that will keep you satisfied and suppress any cravings for junk foods.

The new Alkaline 5 Diet includes a 42 page alkaline diet guide book, The full color Alkaline 5 Diet recipe guide with 19 printable meal photo cards and shopping list, a 20 minute video explaining the 5 meals, and a handy easy to follow infographic like poster that you can print for everyday reference. Another plus is that you’re given access to their private members-only Facebook group.

You can grab a copy by just downloading the package file from the secure online member’s area for just $47 with a lifetime access.

In comparison, Vegan Comfort Foods from around the World is more likely to be a recipe book ONLY rather than a dietary system for consumers to follow. The Alkaline-5 Diet is more organized and systematized since it does not only provide recipes but also an organized plan for the subscribers to follow. The Alkaline-5 Diet is also a lifetime membership purchase. Also, you can never tell that the vegan comforts are 100% healthy. They may contain other substances and cannot guarantee health wise but worth a look as a low-fat, vegan cookbook.

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