What Are Acidic Foods?

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acidic foods dangers of standard american dietThe alkaline diet is based around eating no more than 30% acidic foods by volume and eating 70+% alkaline and neutral foods, in the form of fresh and preferably raw, organic vegetables and fruits.

You firstly need to be aware that the way acid and alkaline diet foods are defined is counter-intuitive and NOT directly related to the pH in their physical form. For example, lemons and limes are acid foods in physical form but in terms of body pH, they are highly alkalizing foods.

For a full description of how acid and alkaline foods are classified and about the pH scale, see other pages on this site:  What is The Alkaline Diet and pH Balance.

As a rule of thumb, acidic foods are all processed, packaged, fast, fried, barbequed, microwaved, refined, frozen, tinned and modified foods and they have a negative impact on our bodies.

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Over time, if eaten too often or in too high volume, they cause health problems. This is highly evident in today’s society by the huge prevalence of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, allergies, mental health disease – all of which preventable by good diet and lifestyle.

Meat & Dairy Are Harmful Acidic Foods

Cows are designed to live free in the fields, not made a commodity for our pleasure…

The biggest categories of acidic foods and drinks are meat, dairy, refined sugars, soda drinks and highly processed foods which contain artificial colourings, flavourings, genetically modified ingredients and ‘E’ numbers.

These facts are surprising and uncomfortable for many people to take onboard for 2 reasons:

  1. Adverstising: We are bombarded by media/food/industry/medical industry advertising/propaganda which would have us believe otherwise (why? Money). Most people’s health information source is via mainstream media and national health advice, which are accountable to their funders, not us.  For example, they tell us that people get ‘struck down’ by cancer, out of the blue and that the ‘cure’ is to have aggressive chemotherapy and radiotherapy. In actual fact, there is a direct cause and effect to disease and most drugs and medical procedures  are highly devastating to the body and cause further acid/alkaline imbalance. Also, we are told that meat and dairy are important dietary staples for good health (protein and calcium etc). This is 100% untrue and meat and dairy contribute massively to BAD HEALTH. Don’t believe the hype!
  2. Failure to take responsibility: It’s a sad fact that most people devolve their health to doctors and other disease professionals who, for the most part, are concerned with disease and illness, not health and well being. They are funded by big pharma companies, whose main interest is to keep us on long term drugs and make a profit for their shareholders, not to cure and eliminate disease. This is a massive distinction. We need to take responsibility for what we put inside our precious bodies. Nourish it well and it will keep well. Don’t expect to put in junk and then be surprised, get angry or feel victimised by it’s reaction of producing disease.

Acidic foods found so heavily in the ‘Standard American Diet’ (standard western diet) are simply very bad for your health and cause ill health. Yes, they may taste nice, but that’s only because it’s what you may be used to. The alkaline diet is wayyyyyyy tastier once you’ve adjusted to it, without any negative side effects.

The smell of meat now often makes me physically feel sick, whereas 5 years ago I would have salivated.

…Ok, stern talking to over 🙂

How To Cut Back on Acidic Foods

The simplest way to cut back on your intake of acidic foods is to increase your intake of alkaline forming foods – ‘crowding out’ the bad with the good, since you can only eat so much in a day 🙂

[features_box_green width=”75%” + border=”2px”]Aim to eat 10 portions of vegetables and fruits per day and you’ll find it difficult to eat all the acidic foods you might have otherwise eaten.[/features_box_green]

Aim for no more than 30% of your calories coming from acid foods. So for a woman, the average daily intake of calories to maintain weight is 2000. Therefore, acid forming foods should be limited to 600 calories or less. For men, the daily average is 2500 calories, so no more than 750 acidic calories.

Try it and see the difference to your life!

Quite simply, if you cut back on acid foods and increase your intake of alkaline foods, you’ll feel a lot healthier, more energised, relaxed, clean, happier and less smelly(!).

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