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The Trouble with Vaccines… (and what you can do about it)

An argument is raging across the Western world, and it’s going to get worse before it gets better. Parents and grandparents are up in arms fighting with each other, their friends, doctors, and even legislators. It’s a subject so controversial for some that it eclipses recent elections, Brexit here in the UK, our economy, and

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Recipe – Barley, Puy Lentil & Vegetable Hearty Stew (Instant Pot)

This has to be one of the easiest, Hearty Cooked Fibre Meals (HCFM - see my book) that I have created. It's so simple, quick, cheap, nutritious and filling and your whole family will enjoy it, or it's great if you have friends over and need to do something manageable, tasty and won't break the

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Recipe – Black Bean Chilli

This vegan chilli is like a fine red wine - it is deep, dark and rich and has lots of flavours that come through at different stages of tasting. If you're used to chili con carne and are looking to switch to a healthier, lower fat/calorie but equally tasty version of a classic chilli then

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7 Brain Foods to Boost Memory & Concentration

Working involving deep thinking can be hard. At some point or other, all of us who have knowledge work or office jobs are required to concentrate. Sitting down and concentrating for a significant amount of time requires discipline and focus, as well as a degree of energy and enthusiasm - especially in our distraction culture

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Recipe – Vegan Meatballs / Meat Loaf

I've had many of my coaching clients and subscribers ask for a recipe for a meat replacement, and wisely so: The alternative when you want something 'meaty' and plant-based is to scour your local health food shop for some sausage-like processed fake meat or Tofurky soy-based isolate, chemical laden and expensive product! Hurrah for wheat

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New Year’s Alkaline Diet Poem

It’s a new year - a time to realign and redefine. At Christmas we all like to dine On fattening foods and a bit too much wine Despite our best intentions our willpower resigns And we end the year feeling a little like Frankenstein! Let’s start afresh - I offer you a lifeline A

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Foods You Should Never Eat #1 – Tortilla Chips

There are some foods and drinks which are 'naughty' foods but are totally fine to have as part of a healthy and alkaline diet. Foods such as the modestly-sized bar of chocolate (preferably dark and organic), a glass of wine, a beer, some freshly-baked bread etc. Even though I am vegan and I totally advocate

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