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The Word on Health: The (Unusual) Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

[SCROLL DOWN TO WATCH VIDEO BELOW] Apple Cider Vinegar, also known as ACV, is a type of vinegar made from apples. It has a multitude of benefits and is very versatile. Here are some of the uses and benefits (I discuss these in the video – watch it now)... It can serve as a salad

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The Word on Health: Disease

[SCROLL DOWN TO WATCH VIDEO BELOW] Last week, I started the 'Word on Health' video series last week, which is where you can submit your ONE WORD or SHORT PHRASE on a health topic that you want me to discuss and give my best tips on in a weekly video. Please go to our Alkaline

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Top 10 Beauty Product Chemicals to Avoid

Beauty products are a part of everyday life for most people to keep us looking and smelling at our best. A floral fragrance, a particular shade of lipstick or that volumising conditioner can have the ability to make us feel good and attractive to others. But have you ever asked yourself just how safe the

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To Drink or Not to Drink Alcohol

[SCROLL DOWN TO WATCH VIDEO BELOW] Last week I was in London for a summer party, hosted by my publisher Hay House and there was lots of free alcohol. I was going to drink, but I decided to abstain. Let me ask you, do you drink alcohol much? How does it make you feel? Are

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Eating For All-Day Energy – How to Do It!

I went to a business 'speed networking' event this morning where we had 2 minutes with each attendee to 'pitch' our business. The whole event took two hours and was quite energy-consuming. This sparked me to create a video for you this week on how to eat for sustained energy throughout the day, without the

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What to Eat on a 100% Raw Alkaline Day

I often get asked exactly what I eat in day as an alkaline eater. I'm 100% vegan - so no meat or dairy products ever and I like to eat a lot of my food raw and organic. Always low fat, high in carbs and low in protein. Did you know that 80% carbohydrates is

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How to Pick the Right Food Over the Wrong Food When You Go Shopping

  [SCROLL DOWN TO WATCH VIDEO BELOW] In this week’s video post I talk about 2 big keys in life to becoming healthy. The first big thing is that you need to be flexible and adaptable when it comes to your fitness and keeping active. Second, is that you must eat the right foods and

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3 Tips For Less Stress – Can Wayne Dyer Help You?

  [SCROLL DOWN TO WATCH VIDEO BELOW] In this video today I talk about the impact of mindset and emotions on your health, because a lot of people come to me and say "I want you to help me with my diet and I really need to change my diet" and you know they want

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